Saturday 2/29/2020


Do you guys remember that beta online coaching program I mentioned at the start of the new year? Well it just ended and our first set of results are in!

Julia is down 7 pounds overall, up 1.5 lbs of muscle, down 5% Bodyfat and down 8.5 inches!

Needless to say we ironed out the details in the beta test and we’re ready to launch our full program. You’ll see the offering on our official social channels and website soon, in the meantime if you want to get started just email!  This would be a GREAT opportunity for any of your friends or family to work with Loco no matter their location!

Think of this program like distance personal training. Workouts written specifically for the person’s goals, on their schedule, and utilizing whatever equipment they have available (whether that’s a full gym membership or they want to do everything with bodyweight in their own home). All workouts have movement demo videos and tell them exactly what to do.

Another huge part of the program are the Daily accountability check-ins to make sure they stay on track!  I know you guys know the importance of that!

Now, whether you’re local to us in Charleston, or far far away in Seattle (like another one of our Beta clients Amanda, whose results you’ll see soon) I can help people with their fitness goals!!

We can only take 10 people at a time and it will fill quickly. So holler soon if anyone you know is interested!




A)  Back Squat

Accumulate 5-7 Sets
5 Reps Building

**Work with buddies!!

B) Cold Shower

3 Rounds for Time

20 Push Press 75/55
20 Back Squats
10 Bar-facing Burpees

***Partner Version Probable!

Strategy and Briefing

Back Squat
Hips Back
A back squat cue is: HIPS BACK. Note the difference ー for the front squat, the cue is HIPS DOWN. The back squat has better leverage, so the hips can go farther back, optimally engaging the glutes & hams. This helps move the load from a solid foot position, rather than from the toes. Do NOT squat on your toes. Tendons are weak, bones are strong. Hips-back brings more of the posterior chain into the movement, so more weight can be lifted than with the (poor-leverage) front squat.


Expect each round of this Breathe & Burn Workout to get progressively more uncomfortable. Keep all sets unbroken but smooth, throughout. Work on crisp reps on each set, especially with the Push Press. Pause (briefly) at the top to show control & ensure a complete lock-out. Your breathing should remain consistent with your quick movement, to support your pace. With the 2 min rest following each round, there is no need to rest between sets, so keep it moving. Keep the round-splits as consistent as possible.

Levels Consideration: Front Squat, Deadlift, UB Push

Goal:  sub 12 without a partner, sub 20 with a partner


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