Friday 2/28/2020

Bring someone in to have some fun with you next month!  All class times!




A)  Promotion Motion

1 Strict Pullup → Tough Ring Rows
1 Pushups
1 Deck Squat
1 sec Hanging Knee Raise Hold

***Increase 1 rep/sec each Round

Strategy and Briefing

Crisp, quality movement is the focus in today’s Muscular Burn Workout. The first few rounds of this workout should go by quickly, but don’t rush. Move smooth through the smaller sets, to avoid building up muscular fatigue early on. As the reps accumulate, break up the sets. Stay far away from failure until the last few minutes. If you hit failure early on the Pullups or Ring Dips, it will be hard coming back. You may add weight to the Pullups and Ring Dips at the beginning and drop it at any time.

Levels Consideration: UB Pull, Rings

Goal:  8+ Rounds


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