Monday 2/3/2020


We’re hosting a potluck at the gym, bring something on the healthy side to share and any beverage you like!
Friends and family are welcome!

We’ll be recognizing our January Jumpstart Nutrition Challenge Winners, and some Level Method accomplishments.  Come eat a good meal and hangout with the LocoFam!



A)  Squat Endurance

Assess Squat Endurance.


Back Squat
15, 12, 8 – Building each set
Rest as needed

B)  Kettlebell

Assess Kettlebell


3 Rounds for Time:

40 Kettlebell Snatches 53/35
12 Burpee Pullups

Strategy and Briefing

Squat Endurace

Squatting is one of the most functional human movement. This category starts with basic bodyweight familiarity, then progressively stresses endurance. Ankle & hip flexibility may need to be developed to ensure proper depth.

Following basic bilateral bodyweight Squat Endurance, unilateral strength (split squat on a tempo) is tested before moving to high-rep weighted backsquats; this ensures balance between sides and the necessary development of stabilizers. Even athletes with squatting proficiency must not neglect stabilization development. The split squat is done at a percentage of bodyweight in each hand.

After split squats comes the infamous 20-rep squat, ‘widow-makers,’ a test of strength endurance and mental toughness that has a strong and productive history in the iron game. It’s done with a BW% on the bar, commencing at BROWN I (Version 2).

High quality movement is always important, but it is especially important here in the Squat Endurance Test. Hold perfect position through all reps regardless of the movement you are doing: Air Squats, Split Squats, or Back Squats (especially). On the Split Squats and Back Squats take your time to perform every rep cleanly — avoid burning out by pumping out reps. The 20-rep Back Squats is an especially difficult test if done at the limit, so be mentally prepared for a fight.


This category tests whole-body muscle endurance, especially in the glutes & lower back, aerobic power, grip strength, and coordination – via Kettlebell (KB) work, which is a fitness mainstay. Choose the rep-per-minute goal, and maintain that pace throughout the workout. The lowest-scored minute counts as the workout score, similar to the scoring of “Tabata This”.

The progression starts with double-arm Russian KB swings. The standard for this movement requires that the bulk of the kettlebell reaches above eye level when viewed from the side. At PURPLE I the movement progresses to one-arm swings, alternating hands as needed. The movement then changes to KB snatches, alternating hands as needed, at BROWN II. The workout should be approached as reps-per-minute, at a sustained pace throughout.

No matter what your variation, the Kettlebell Test is brutal — one of the hardest categories on the MAP. It requires mental fortitude AND good strategy. Have solid positioning and use the glutes on every rep, to avoid fatiguing too early. Be conservative when deciding what Level to shoot for — don’t go for more than two Levels higher than your current, to avoid completely missing a Level-up. If you start out at too hot a pace, you’re are likely to completely fall off, unable to recover. Generally, one of three areas will fatigue faster than others: 1) grip, 2) low back, or 3) breathing. Be mindful going in!

PRO TIP: You can put the KB down any time you want with the minute, so break up your sets into 30 sec chunks. As an example, if you’re shooting for 20 reps on the minute, do 10 reps, and rest to the 30 sec mark, and then do your next 10. That will save you more than doing 20 unbroken, and resting the remaining time. Eventually, at the highest levels, you’ll be working straight through for 10 minutes. Until then, BREAK ’EM UP!

Levels Consideration:  Squat Endurance, Kettlebell

Goal:  Level Up!


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