Wednesday 2/5/2020


A race is a great way to test your fitness, and to keep you accountable to your training. As we all know, it’s always more fun with a friend so if you’d like to do the full race with a buddy – here’s where you find them! Of course, as always, scaling is an option. You can walk whenever you need! Or go hard in the paint and set yourself a 10k PR!

You may form a team to compete in the new team category. No limit on the number per team, but each team will need at least 5 to compete (top 5 are scored towards a team’s total). PRIZE is for top overall team and THE TEAM WITH THE MOST MEMBERS.

Comment in the FB event if you’re interested in participating and we’ll see how the interest is. Here’s the link for more info on the race:



A)  Deadlift

Assess Deadlift


Build to a heavy 5 reps.


B) Upper and Lower Endurance

Assess U/L endurance


10 Min AMRAP

8 Push Press 95/65
12 Reverse Step
Lunge 95/65
weight on back

Strategy and Briefing


The deadlift. It’ll make you strong from head to toe … and that includes the feet.  The deadlift starts with good foot position. Balance your weight midfoot ー NOT on toes ー feet UNDER the hips.  That’s your foundation, the real platform. Pulling from this optimal stance allows for maximal power transfer, which translates to more lifted weight, which means a stronger body.  Safety first.

Testing your Deadlift is all about positioning & muscle activation. Be sure to squeeze the glutes, and focus on perfect positioning in your warm-up sets. Take your time building to your Test weight, and be sure to rest to recovery before making the attempt.

U/L Endurance

The UB/LB Endurance Test is all about managing fatigue.

This is an opportunity to determine a rep game-plan and then FOLLOW IT. Break up reps early & often, keeping an eye on the clock, and pacing appropriately.

The first round is often going to feel like it’s no problem, for both the Deadlifts and UB Push variations — but going into the second round, be aware of fatigue, especially shoulder fatigue.

Deadlift will not be the limiting factor for most, but take your time here and save energy for the UB Push movement. Again: break sets up early & often to be sure you have the juice to finish that last round in the time allotted.

Levels Consideration:  DL, U/L Endurance

Goal:  Level Up!


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