Thursday 2/6/2020


Run Course is FAST approaching (see what I did there)!  Join Coach Adam in this six week course focusing on pose running form. The course is designed to get the most out of your running; safely and efficiently. If you catch yourself wanting to skip a workout because running is involved, this class is for you. If you opt-out of running because it hurts your knees, hips, or ankles; this course is for you.

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A)  Rings

Assess Rings


Build to a heavy 5 weighted ring dips (or dip practice)


B) Row

Assess Row


20 Min AMRAP

480M Sled Push (8 times to the dumpster and back)

150 Doubleunders
80 Box Stepup 24/20
60 Wallballs 20/14

Strategy and Briefing

To succeed in the Rowing Test … stick to the PLAN! We have seen many 20 minute row attempts, most successful — but the fails were due to poor initial pacing. The first 5 minutes at goal pace feel easy … but do NOT speed up early. Be efficient with your technique to hold your pace, with each stroke identical in its perfection. This way muscles (particularly arms) won’t fatigue too early & derail you. Keep this Aerobic for as long as possible. . Be conscious of your breathing, in rhythm with your stroke. Breathe IN on the return-catch phase (at the bottom) and OUT at the top of the stroke. Stay true to your initial goal pace for at least the first 10 minutes before attempting to change it. If you are lured into too quick a pace early on, well, no take-backs.

Levels Consideration: Rings, Row

Goal:  Level Up!


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