Friday 2/7/2020


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A) Upper Body Pull

Assess Upper Body Pull


Build to a heavy 3 weighted chin ups


B) Lactic Tolerance

Assess Lactic Tolerance


For Time:
• Thrusters 115/85
• Bar facing Burpees
• CTB Pull-ups

Strategy and Briefing

Pull-up by Pulling Down
The power to do a pull-up comes from properly activating the lats, via the elbows. Sure, the biceps are worked, and contribute, but the lats do the driving. Activate the lats by pulling from your elbows, ‘aiming’ or ‘leading’ with them. To feel your lats contract, stand straight, and with scaps retracted (shoulder blades pulled together), reach your hands down your sides as far as possible.

The Lactic Tolerance Test is very uncomfortable if done correctly. Accept this from the start, with a sense of urgency. Break up reps as needed to maintain a fast, consistent pace — do NOT go unbroken just to go unbroken. Taking long rests will suck up much time. Breaks should be short. Focus on movement quality & efficiency will help cut down time & save energy for the end of the workout. Round of 9 needs to be a sprint — finish strong and hit that Level!

Levels Consideration: Lactic Tolerance, UB Pull

Goal:  Level Up!


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