Tuesday 3/10/2020

Are you working out everyday (or close to it) and not seeing progress? It can be INFURIATING, I know. Here’s Coach Courtney’s guidance on what may be happening and how to fix the problem: https://locomotionfit.com/gaining-weight-exercising




A)  Press

Accumulate 5-7 Sets
5 Reps

B)  High Chair

For Total Reps/Cals

AMRAP Banded Strict Chinup
20 sec Row High Effort

Rest 2:00-3:00
x 4-5

Strategy and Briefing


Straight Bar Path

We want as straight a bar path as possible ー for all barbell movements. Any horizontal movement wastes energy & decreases leverage. The press specifically can be a bit tricky, because the head is in the way. To avoid catching your chin, move your head back away from the bar when initiating the press. Then as you lock the bar overhead, allow your head back into place, with bar, stable … over head. This can look like a head bob, or bow, or push forward. It isn’t. Your head naturally moves into place when you get your elbows back to your ears.


The two movements in this  Bodybuilder →  Power Output are very different — as the system class suggests. Stick closely to the tempo on the Chinups, to get a deep fatigue in the arms & lats. Shoot for 10+ reps here, but  continue only if movement remains smooth & tight. No sloppy reps. The Airbike, however,  is a completely different story — attack it with 90%+ effort on each round — hence the longer rest time. Expect this to get progressively (and exponentially) more uncomfortable. Take deep slow breaths & walk around a bit after the bike, to optimally recover. Use all 3 min of the rest as needed,to keep quality high on the Chinups, and effort consistent on the Bike.

Tempo: 2020

2s- Down

0s- At Bottom

2s- Up

0s- At Top

Levels Consideration: UB Push, Row, UB Pull

Goal:   65+ Reps/Cals


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