Wednesday 3/11/2020


The health and safety of the LocoFam is our top priority.  Though the tail may be wagging the dog a bit here it’s still vital to stay vigilant.

Therefore, as we all consume information across a wide range of outlets including the media, vendors, and social media channels, it is vital for all of us to remain aware and responsive to the ever-changing status of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Rest assured, we are in contact with health officials and others in our industry and we continue to monitor the situation. We will rely upon DHEC or other state agencies, as well as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the WHO for guidance.

At this time, there are no actions currently suggested for our operations and we look forward to seeing you! However, as recommended by the World Health Organization, we ask that you “stay home if you feel unwell … and follow the directions of your local health authority.”   

We will keep the front desk stocked with hand sanitizer and encourage you to use it liberally.  Also remember to wipe down all equipment after each use, as always.

We encourage you to seek guidance from health agencies for up-to-date information:

The DHEC Update Page for all things Corona Virus

The latest updates from the WHO on the virus

The WHO’s recommendations for the public to reduce exposure

A live-tracker of the spread of the disease from Johns Hopkins University.

***Let us know if you need them and we’ll get you a list of at home workouts for your goals!




A)  Toboggan

Knees to Elbow x 1/2
Wallballs 20/14
Doubleunders → Singleunders x 3

B)  Hip and Glute Accessory

8-12 Single-leg Kb DL R
30 sec Swivel Hips
8-12 Single-leg Kb DL L
30 sec Swivel Hips

Strategy and Briefing

The big sets at the beginning of this Breathe & Burn workout will require careful planning & pacing. Break up these sets right away on the Toes to Bar & Wallballs, but keep Doubleunders unbroken. Even quick sets of 5 on Toes to Bar and 10 on Wallballs can be effective, but don’t rush the  movement! Movement quality should remain consistent throughout. Work on smoothe breathing through each set & during any rest. As you get into the round of 30, push deeper into sets and finish strong.

Levels Consideration: N&C Endurance, API

Goal:  Sub 18 Min


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