Thursday 3/12/2020

Come join me at Coach Reid’s seminar and lets do some weird nasal breathing together. I can even bring some creepy nasal strips to share.




A)  Deadlift  Ref. LAST WEEK (Next Progression: 5’s)

4 x 8 Building

  Rest as Needed

B)  Hair Clip

For Quality

5 minutes
10 sec HS on Wall
30 Backwards Jump Rope

5 minutes
20 sec Hanging Knee Raise Hold
3 Jefferson Curl 6060

5 minutes
Accumulate Deadhang Hold
each break = 10 Air Squats

5 minutes
Partner Row for Cals

Strategy and Briefing


Turn the Elbows

Proper deadlifts require that you A) keep the bar close to your body, B) ‘pack’ the shoulders, and       C) pull with activated lats. Turning the elbows ‘in’ helps externally rotate the shoulders, which in turn helps actively flex & engage the lats.  After gripping the barbell, rotate your elbows in (think ‘thumbs up’) and squeeze the lats. As you pull the bar off the ground, hold this squeeze all the way through. This keeps the bar from moving away, and helps you to maintain maximum leverage over the weight. 


The First two sets are about quality, the second two sets are about quantity. Today is very mixed (as you can tell by system classification)  Not a traditional “functional fitness” type of workout. The HS Walk & Backward Singleunders are the Neurological portion. Focus on tightening the handstand position, with shoulder stability and with correct foot/leg positioning while upside down.  Backward Singleunders are awkward for everyone — focus on rhythm & timing. 

The core work focuses on control & smooth movement Jefferson Curl).  Add weight to the Jefferson Curl only if you are competent & controlled through a full range of motion. Deadhang holds will be pure Muscular Burn in the forearms/grip. Chalk up, hang on, and don’t go to failure on the first set or even the second. When there’s enough burn, drop to do some Air Squats to recover.  When you get towards the end of the 5 minutes risk it for the biscuit & hang on longer. Do the 1k Row at max effort — pick a pace & stick to it. Work throughout on stroke rhythm & breathing.

Levels Consideration: UB Push, N&C Endurance, UB Pull, Row

Goal:  70+ Cals


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