Friday 3/13/2020

COVID-19 Updates
We have several solutions for those who may choose to distance themselves from the gym or who get stuck at home with kiddos, etc. We’re working on creating an online “Home Warrior” training plan just for our members.  If we need to stand this up you will receive access to training sessions, exercise videos, and a client-coach portal. We will create a separate Facebook group for those who choose this remote option to cultivate a sense of community, support and fun banter to keep our LocoFam alive!
The Loco Team is brainstorming more solutions, trying to figure out how to live stream classes, and finding a way to continue to give you the tools to remain strong and healthy!
We will find a way to stay afloat and serve our community no matter what. And honestly, we are hoping that our community will do the same for us, and we know you will.
Our mission is to continue to provide our members with top notch coaching to help you remain healthy and strong during this very weird/challenging time.
We are grateful that the majority of our members get it and are with us for the long haul. We’re here to support everyone whether they choose to train with us in person or in the comforts of their own home. For those who have had their hours cut back, we will work with you. Please reach out if you need our support.
A few things we’re doing:
  • We’ve stockpiled/added more sanitation wipes, soap and hand sanitizers throughout the gym
  • We’ve been cleaning EVERY handle/surface before, during and after classes (NEED YOUR HELP HERE)
  • Wash Hands OFTEN
  • No hugging or high fives.  Try out the new ‘Moon Landing’.
  • We may remove the check in iPad and have coaches do it on their phone depending on how things progress.

Thanks for reading this long message. We’ll keep you posted on any changes. Thank you so so much for all your support!




A)  The Dorms

For Time

Goblet Squat 44/26

B) Shoulder Accessory

10 Bottoms-up Kb Press L
10 Banded Ext. Rotations L
10 Bottoms-up Kb Press R
10 Banded Ext. R

Strategy and Briefing

Finding a rhythm will be your goal from the start in this Breathe & Burn Workout.  Avoid fatiguing early by breaking up the Ring Dips right from the beginning.  Use small sets and quick rests, and get into a rhythm. Breaking up the Squats won’t be as important, but consider it especially if doing the double kb variations since they can sneak up to you fast.  See how you feel halfway through the first set, and plan from there: Push through a dull burn, but break if the burn is building quickly. Support your pace by breathing consistently throughout. Take deep and controlled breaths during any breaks, to aid recovery.

Levels Consideration: Rings, UB Push, Squat Endurance

Goal:  Sub 15


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