Monday 3/16/2020

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A)  Power Clean

Accumulate 5-7 Sets
5 Hang Power Cleans Building

B) Back and Forth

For Total Reps

Alt. Tabata
• Russian KbS 44/26
• Pushups/Box Pushups

Rest 2:00

Alt. Tabata
• Abmat Situps
• Ring Rows

Strategy and Briefing

Power Cleans

Fast Elbows

Rotate your elbows under the bar and place it on your shoulders, front rack. Sounds easy, but in practice fast elbows require a slightly released, loosened grip, for a faster rotation. If you death-grip the bar, you’ll have SLOW elbows. (It’s the same with kipping muscle-ups on the turnover ー gripping the rings too hard makes it difficult to get on top.)  Cue for fast elbows, catching with high elbows, and remember to allow faster rotation by using a slight release of the grip. 


With our Tabatas (20 sec on/10 sec off)  today the goal is to maintain consistent reps across all rounds for both movements — we’re counting total reps here (which differs from a ‘regular’ tabata where the score is the lowest round). Focus on the pacing, controlling the fatigue without overextending yourself, particularly on the Pushups & Ring Rows. For these two movements you need to be hyper-aware of fatigue throughout. Be sure to avoid failure for the first 3 sets, then in the final set go for it. If you get close to failure too early you will not recover in time. Do the KbS & Situps straight through & consistently for all bouts. 

Levels Consideration: Kettlebell, UB Push, UB Pull

Goal:  150+ Reps


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