Thursday 3/19/2020

COVID-19 Updates:

Here is an update of what’s going on in case you’re not in the members group.  Please consider joining the group during this time as you’ll be MUCH more in the loop.

  • We are still experimenting with the Zoom schedule.  Tomorrow we will have a 730am and a 6pm.  It will likely change more as we try and find the sweet spot over the next week or so.   Here’s the link you’ll need to follow in order to access the online class via Zoom- This should be a simple process; however, if you have issues with technology, as some of us do, check out this post on how to setup zoom. Thank you so incredibly much for your patience and cooperation as we work to provide you with the best experience we can!
  • We will have a workout in the center of the circle at 9AM on Saturday.  Stay 5′ apart from one another, but come ready to have some FUN!
  • Mason Meals WILL be delivered this upcoming Tuesday.  You can find the menu and order here.
  • Each of you should have gotten some one on one time with a coach.  If not please reply to this email and let me know!



Warm Up:

3 Rounds
6-10 Kang Squats (slow)
10 Hip Circles ea/way

2 Rounds
8-12 Deadbugs ea/s
8-12 Bird Dogs ea/s


Then Conditioning:
3 Rounds For Reps

1 min Deadlifts
Rest 30s

1 min Reverse Step Lunges
Rest 30s

1 min Bent Hollow Hold
Rest 30s

Cool Down:

Go for a 10-20 min Jog/Walk


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