Friday 3/20/2020

COVID-19 Updates:
  • There will be a live Town Hall in the members group tonight at 8PM.
  • Announcing our Resilience Challenge!  The challenge, focusing on boosting immunity, improving mindset, and building fitness, kicks off on Monday,.  We’ll be doing a Webinar at 6PM on Sunday (3/22) to walk through all the details.  Register here.  Friends and family are welcome!  Feel free to share the link.
  • We have officially launched our online coaching program for non-members.  If you have any friends or family whose gym is closes completely or may be interested in our online training program I would really appreciate it if you would share this link with them:
  • Beth, our amazing yoga classes will be live streaming classes on her social media, as well as through Loco.  Here is the list of her schedule, Loco’s class will be on Tuesday at 930am for 45 minutes.
  • Here is the zoom recording of today’s 730am class if you’re wondering what a zoom class is like!   Here’s the link you’ll need to follow in order to access the online class via Zoom- This should be a simple process; however, if you have issues with technology, as some of us do, check out this post on how to setup zoom.
  • We will have a workout in the center of the circle at 9AM on Saturday.  Stay 5′ apart from one another, but come ready to have some FUN!




Warm Up:
Accumulate in any order:
10-30 Airsquats, slow and easy, sit in the bottom for a little while
10-30 Shoulder Passthroughs slow, use a pipe, broomstick, or towel
10-30 Scap Pushups at slow tempo, push the range of motion

On a 18 minute Clock
accumulate as many perfect
8 Count Bodybuilders
as possible

every 3 minutes starting at 0:00, run around your house, or approximately 1 minute (30s out and back). If you can’t run, jump rope for 1 minute. If you don’t have a jump rope, do high knees/run/jog in place for 45 seconds.

Cool Down:
Accumulate 20 minutes of stretching between:


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