Saturday 3/21/2020

COVID-19 Updates:
  • Park WOD in Park Circle TOMORROW at 9am.  Meet at the playground in the circle.  Stay 5 feet a part from one another.  Wear a hazmat suit if you have one.  Bonus points if you work out in it.  Bring a weight if you can.  Register on Zenplanner so I know how many to expect.
  • Our free Resilience challenge info webinar got moved to Sunday night at 6PM.  Read all about it and register here.
  • Beth, our amazing yoga teacher will be live streaming classes on her social media, as well as through Loco.  Here is the list of her schedule, Loco’s class will be on Tuesday at 930am for 45 minutes.
  • Here is the zoom recording of today’s 730am class if you’d like a workout to follow along with!   Here’s the link you’ll need to follow in order to access the online class via Zoom- for next week. This should be a simple process; however, if you have issues with technology, as some of us do, check out this post on how to setup zoom.
  • We will have Zoom classes at Noon and 6PM Monday and Tuesday next week, then we’ll evaluate the schedule from there for any needed changes.
  • We have officially launched our online coaching program for non-members.  If you have any friends or family whose gym is closes completely or may be interested in our online training program I would really appreciate it if you would share this link with them:
  • Mason Meals will still be delivered this coming Tuesday.  Order here.




Park WOD
Warm Up:

3 Rounds of:
10 Small Arm Circles
10 Medium Arm Circles
10 Large Arm Circles
10 Alt Pull Backs
4 Alt Spidermans


2 cycles of: 8 Mins
10 Plank Builds (5 & 5)
10 Alt Reverse Lunges (Weighted)
10 Sit ups
10 Leg Raises
10 Russian Twist R+L = 1 rep
Rest 3 mins

Cool Down:
3 rounds of Creative Flow:
5 – 10 sec Downward facing dog
15 sec Tall Plank 3 sec Lower to the floor (chaturanga )
5 – 10 sec Upward Facing dog
4 Alt Sampsons


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