Monday 3/23/2020

  • We have Kids PE classes in the works launching a week from Monday (3/30).  Our classes will be a short workout for your kids to do in the comfort of their living room.  We will also teach either a social skill or an emotional regulation skill for the day!  Classes will be 30 minutes.  Free for Loco members.  $15/week, with 5 classes per week for non members!
  • We will hold a Virtual Happy Hour Via Zoom on Thursday Evening (3/26) at 5PM here.  Bring a cocktail and prepare to chill out!
  • Our free Resilience challenge info webinar is TONIGHT at 6PM.  Read all about it and register here.
  • We will also be Launching Quarantine Bingo!  Stay tuned 🙂




Zoom WOD (Live at noon and 6PM)  Recording will be posted mid afternoon.

You should be familiar with this rep scheme already, but instead of stopping at 9 you will make your way back up to 21. Way more fun! This means that you need to approach it a little differently than a traditional 21-15-9. Move smooth and steady through the burpees, try not to stop moving through all these sets. After your burpees take a few deep breaths before starting the thrusters. Weight should be light enough to do 21 unbroken, but heavy enough to be uncomfortable. You can break up your Thrusters if your legs feel fatigued, but limit each round to only 2 sets. Work to stay consistent with your movement and pace throughout the workout.

OBJECT: If you have a Barbell, Dumbbells, or Kettlebells then use those for the thrusters. If you don’t have conventional equipment you can use a sandbag, loaded backpack, 2 Water jugs (or anything with handles).  Your Coach will give you some guidance here!

FLASH CHALLENGE OPPORTUNITY: Video yourself Burpeeing over the weirdest object you got and share in the members group!  Winner gets a Free bottle of Fish Oil!

Warm Up:
30s Standing Straddle
10 Leg Swings ea/s/way
10 Air Squats
10 Box Pushups
x 3-4


Burpee over object
Thruster w/object

Pistol Progressions

The goal here is not about fatigue, but about mastering the movement, and building strength. Balance comes into play in a BIG way, so stay focused on it, and if you have trouble falling backwards use a weight to counterbalance. Go barefoot if you’re comfortable and feel the weight on your feet.

Accumulate 5-7 Sets of HIGH quality reps

3-5 Pistols ea/s add wt as needed
3-5 Pistols ea/s off Chair/Step/El. Surface
3-5 Pistols ea/s to Chair/Couch/Table
3-5 Front Step Lunges ea/s
(focus on driving through the heal explosively)

3:00-4:00 Each
Quad Smash ea/s
Couch stretch ea/s
Seated Straddle ea/s


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