Tuesday 3/3/2020


Hey LocoFam! We’ve got a little issue to address to ensure everyone stays safe and happy.

We start classes promptly at their scheduled start times and we need you to be on time! We’ve been lax on letting people roll into class late (sometimes VERY late), and it’s starting to eat into our plan for the day’s workout. Please do your best to be on time.

I realize we’re all human, adult humans at that, and sometimes shit happens. As long as you don’t make a habit of it, no big deal. I don’t believe in a burpee penalty or anything like that for being late. You’re not 6 and you don’t need to be punished.

But, if you’re regularly late it begins to effect other members experience, and we can’t have that. Additionally it’s tough on the coaches to have to disengage from the group and assign work to a late individual. So please don’t make a habit of it. Those that do will be spoken to individually.

If you’ve missed a significant amount of the warm up your coach may assign something else for you to do, typically sled or row. This is for your safety! Training cold is a very bad idea.

If you’re REALLY late (past 10 minutes), I’d still rather you come than not. We can always have you row a 5k or stretch out. But you will NOT be able to join regular class.

Holler at us if you have any questions!




A)  Trunk Space

10 min AMRAP
1750m/1.5k Row
In remaining time
AMRAP Wallballs 20/14
Rest 5:00

10 min AMRAP
1200M Run
In remaining time
AMRAP Burpees

B) Core Finisher (time dependent)

4-5 Rounds For Quality
30 sec Bent Hollow Hold
30 sec Heel Taps
30 sec Boat Pose
Rest as needed

Strategy and Briefing

Each set in today’s work opens with a monostructural piece with a Row or run and moves into wallballs or burpees (respectively). Approach this the same way you would approach running 2 miles. You would NOT sprint out the gate, so don’t do that here either. As soon as you finish with the first part, act as if there is NO CHANGE… if you were watching your HR or breathing rate, the transition between the Row and Wallballs (as an example) should show no visible difference. If you need rest, you were going too hard on the row. Move right to it, with continued breathing. Remember to adjust pace as needed as you make your way through, actively reading your ‘gauges’!  The fundamentals have been reviewed for a reason. More efficient = more reps. Push it all the way to the end of the first interval — 5 minutes of rest will be PLENTY of time to recover, and is meant to be a full recovery where the HR can come ALL the way down. 

Levels Consideration: Row, API

Goal:  30+ Reps


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