Wednesday 3/4/2020


Who: It’s for everyone. It will hopefully assist you in managing your stress and energy levels during the day and in your workouts. It will give you the tools to regulate how you feel in all aspects of life.

-Anyone who needs to learn better pacing
-Anyone who needs to improve lactic tolerance
-Anyone who lives or works in a high stress environment.

What: To put it simply: Breathing. Looking at our breathe as the most ignored part of our fitness inside and outside of the gym.

-A clinic designed to teach how to breathe better in and out of the gym. It will give you the tools to regulate how you feel in all aspects of your life. It’s like a cheat code to feeling more in control all the time.
-Breath is what dictates whether we’re in our sympathetic (Fight or Flight) or parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system. Being able to tap into these systems at will is a game changer and we’re going to teach you how!

Where: Loco Main Gym

When: 3/14/20 at 10am-1130am

Why: To help your life. Nothing we do is more important or more vital than breathing. If you are not well versed in breathing, you will fail at nearly everything else.

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A)  Muscle Up and Electricity

Accumulate 5-7 Sets:
1-5 Ring Pullups
8 High Box Jumps
15 Heavy Russian KbS
Rest 1-2 min

B) Rapid Fire

40 Db Snatch 35/25
25 Jumping CtB Pullups

Strategy and Briefing

Strict Ring Muscleups

In the functional fitness world, the ring muscle-up is classified as a technical gymnastics movement. In ‘real’ gymnastics, the muscle-up is basic: it’s how you mount the rings before you even get to do any real gymnastics. The false grip is used, classically, but in fitness we do a series of muscle-ups, so there are other considerations. For example: be sure to turn over & catch, by emphasizing and committing to the rotation of your nose coming through into the catch position.

On each round, we are moving from high skill into high power movements. Focus on smooth, controlled Ring Muscleups (or variation) with full lockout and perfect technique. Increase the intensity on the following movements. Take your TIME on transitions, this is not for speed, but quality! Be conservative with the box height on the first few rounds. No sketchy Box Jumps! Take your time before the reps to keep quality high, and focus on maximum height. The Kettlebell should be as heavy as possible with solid glute engagement and without sacrificing any technique. Rest until recovered within the 1-2 mins.


As the name suggests, this Full Body Burn Workout will happen fast. Move straight through, and smooth on the Db Snatches, push the pace knowing it’s only ONE set. Focus on breathing through the entire set of Db Snatches, to ensure you don’t burn out here. Active jump, and staying braced in the bottom. If you’re familiar with the way we do things, Jumping CTBs have been selected for all levels for a REASON. As soon as the DB snatches are finished, there should be an IMMEDIATE transition to the Jumping CTBs and they should then go fast and unbroken all the way through. If anyone at a high level does this properly, and doesn’t feel this as Lactic Tolerance, they are a monster of fitness. Remember, be prepared to get uncomfortable here, and finish FAST.

Levels Consideration: Rings, UB Pull, Weightlifting

Goal:  Sub 5 Min


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