Thursday 3/5/2020


Ask and you shall receive!
Boot Camp Saturdays ARE HERE!!!!!

This is the perfect chance to meet some awesome boot campers.  Reach out to with any questions!

**This class will be held at the MAIN GYM LOCATION!**
**Class starts @ 9:45am!!**





Accumulate 5-7 Sets:
5 Reps Building

B) Broken Escalator

In 3 minutes
2 Rounds
8 OH Squats 65/45
6 Knees to Elbow
Repeat 4 times Increasing 2 reps each round

Increase 2 reps each round.
0-3: 8, 6
3-6: 10, 8
6-9: 12, 10
9-12: 14, 12

Strategy and Briefing

Overhead Squats

Wrist pain is a major complaint with the Overhead Squat.
The problem is often due to an overextension of the wrists ー palms facing ceiling ー causing excessive pressure in the front wrist. The hand is positioned as if for a pushup. You can remedy this by placing the bar at the center of the palms, knuckles more vertical. Keep a tight grip, wrists active and balanced on the forearm ー allow no unnecessary movement. Narrowing the grip, if mobility allows, can put the wrists in a better, more stacked position.


The technical nature of both movements in today’s Breathe & Burn will make the ascending reps even more challenging. Move smooth & steady through the first round, keeping sets unbroken. Your focus should be on consistent technique throughout, to avoid fatiguing early. Sloppy movement on either of these will cause you to fatigue quickly.   As you get into the rounds of 12 consider breaking sets up. If you do break, make it quick — you still only have 3 minutes to complete both rounds.  During the rest take deep, slow breaths to recover before the next bout. 

Levels Consideration: Flexibility, N&C Endurance, Front Squat

Goal:  Sub 9 Min (Work Time Only)


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