Friday 3/6/2020


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A)  Deadlift

4 x 10 Building

B) Battle Bot

3 Rounds for Total Reps

1:00 Doubleunders → Singleunders
Rest 1:00
1:00 15 Goblet Squat 2020 Heavy
Rest 1:00
1:00 Anchored Situps w/Db 25/15
Rest 1:00

Strategy and Briefing

The deadlift can be broken up into two phases ー initial drive, and finish. The drive begins and ends with the knees. It is here that we set ourselves up for a strong finish. The drive starts by driving up the torso and hips simultaneously. The knees move back and create space for the bar to move up in a straight line. When the bar has passed up over the knees, aggressively engage the glutes, to finish.

This will be the first of four Deadlift sessions this month. Each session will build on the previous in a semi-linear fashion for BLUE-BROWN+ athletes. For WHITE-ORANGE the focus is on movement familiarity. You may build in weight, but only if technique remains consistent throughout.


One minute intervals can be quite deceiving, especially with the movements in today’s Muscular Burn workout.  Move straight through on the Doubleunders —  if you break, get right back to it. All 15 reps of the Goblet Squats should be consecutively with no break within the minute. If you do the math (4 sec per rep for 15 reps) it should take up all 60 sec. Keep your Situps smooth and consistent, don’t rush on these. If you push it too fast and your core gets blown up, the entire workout will suffer.

Tempo: 2020

2s- Down

0s- At Bottom

2s- Up

0s- At Top

Levels Consideration: Deadlift, N&C Endurance

Goal:  350+ Reps


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