Monday 3/9/2020

There’s a quote in CrossFit that says be impressed by intensity, not by volume.  That means we care about how HARD you work, not about how many training sessions you get done in a day.  NO ONE in our gym needs multiple CrossFit training sessions in a day.  If you feel like you can do the workout again you didn’t push nearly hard enough the first time through.  I can’t stress the importance of this enough.  You will hurt yourself if you try this AND you’re results will be far inferior compared to hitting one session hard.  Intensity is what gets results.  Intensity is (Force X Distance)/Time.  So that means you need to move more weight, further, in less time.  In other words, push!  Make yourself uncomfortable!  Try the Burpee test assigned by your coaches today!




A)  Rank Up

For Total Reps

2 min AMRAP
8 Squat Clean 75/55
10 Burpee Over Bar
12 Box Jumps 24/20
Rest 1:00
x 6

Rounds should start on:
0:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, 12:00 &15:00

B) Core Finisher (Time Dependent)

5 Sets for Quality

20 sec Russian Twists
40 sec Tuck Ups

Strategy and Briefing


Keep the Bar Close

Excellence requires efficiency. One of the biggest weightlifting mistakes is letting the bar come out too far in front. Happens all the time, but it’s inefficient. The lats play a major role in this: engaging them helps keep the bar close, and controls the arm pull. Win-win. If you’re jumping forward, or missing forward, the bar is likely too far in front. Visualize the bar CLOSE to the body, then reproduce it in reality. If you do it right, you’ll immediately notice a significant difference, in both weight lifting and consistency.


Consistency of movement and scores is the main focus in today’s Breathe & Burn workout.  Pacing can be a challenge with interval work sometimes. We often think we can sprint, because there’s a rest at the end of each round. Resist this urge — going too fast with this combination of movements can dig a hole that a 1:00 rest will not fill.  Work on consistent, smooth movement with a goal to complete 1 round. It will be tough to hold and maintain.  Keep sets unbroken throughout, and be mindful of breathing both during and in-between sets. Take deep controlled breaths during rests, to help recover. 

Levels Consideration: Weightlifting, API

Goal:  140+ Reps


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