31 At-Home ‘Quarantine’ Workouts

COVID-19 is forcing us to adapt VERY quickly as a society.  Pretty soon you’re not going to be able to go to the gym.  That means Locomotion needs to adapt as a business.  That’s why we’re providing you these 31 at-home quarantine workouts.

For the members of Locomotion Fitness EVERY MEMBER GETS A COACH to triple down on accountability, connection, and needed workout adjustments to ensure the workout fits with their goals and is adjusted for their ability level.   We will also be holding live classes via zoom so we can still workout ‘together’!


31 At-Home Quarantine Workouts

  • Ladders
    Choose 1 bodyweight movement, like pushups or burpees (or select from the “Exercises you’ve never tried” list at the end of this post.)Do 1 movement per minute at the top of every minute.  Add a rep every minute.  Go until you can’t complete the required reps in a minute.You might want to add 2-3 other movements to make this a workout. Score is combined total of all movements.


  • Head-to-Toe Sprint
    7 Rounds for Time:10 Push-ups

    10 Air Squats

    Run 200m


  • “Michael”
    800m Run
    50 Situps
    50 Back Extensions (sub Supermans or some other back extension exercise)


  • Descending Ladder
    For time: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of 3 different exercises (choose from the standard bodyweight list, like burpees and pushups and situps, or choose from the more novel list below.)


  • Gym Practice
    AMRAP in 20:00
    10 Handstand pushups
    10 Pistols
    (Sub in whatever your clients’ weakest gymnastics movements might be.)


  • “Tabata Whatever”

    Choose 5 home-friendly exercises.  For each of the exercises, perform max reps for 8 consecutive Tabata intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Rest 1 minute between exercises.


    Tabata Row
    Rest 1 Minute

    Tabata Squats

    Rest 1 Minute
    Tabata Pull-ups

    Rest 1 Minute

    Tabata Push-ups
    Rest 1 Minute
    Tabata Sit-ups
    Tabata score is the least number of reps performed in any of the eight intervals. Unit for the row is “calories”. Post lowest Tabata score for each exercise and total for final score as Total Reps. E.G., 10, 20, 5, 10, 15 = 60
  • 800m of Burpee Broad jumps


  • Bodyweight “Filthy 50”
    For Time:50 Tuck Jumps50 Push-ups

    50 Air Squats

    50 Handstands

    50 Walking Lunges

    50 Sit-ups

    50 Second L-Sit

    50 Burpees


  • 5k Test – run a 5k for time.


  • For Time:Run 400m50 Air Squats

    Run 400m

    50 Push-ups

    Run 400m

    50 Sit-ups

    Run 400m


  • In 20:00, perform a maximum handstand. Every time you drop, perform 20 dumbbell snatches, alternating hands.
    I did this one in Memphis with CrossFit legend Greg Amundsen. When I complained that the gym was pretty sparse on equipment, he asked, “Does it have a wall?”


  • The Burpee Sprint Maxout, from Men’s Health

    5 2-minute rounds

    • 10 burpees
    • 200-m sprint
    • Max-rep burpees


  • “Cindy”

    20 minutes, as many reps as possible (AMRAP)

    • 5 Pullups
    • 10 Pushups
    • 15 squats

    Set a timer for 20 minutes. Complete as many rounds as you can before the clock runs out. Replace Pullups with something novel from the list below if necessary.


  • “Chelsea”

    Every minute on the minute (EMOM) for 30 minutes. Replace Pullups with something novel.

    • 5 pull-ups
    • 10 push-ups
    • 15 squats


  • “Annie”
    50 double-unders / 50 situps
    40 double-unders / 40 situps
    30 double-unders / 30 situps
    20 double-unders / 20 situps
    10 double-unders / 10 situps
    …for time.


  • “Angie”

    For time, replace “pull-ups” with something novel from the list below.

    • 100 pullups
    • 100 pushups
    • 100 situps
    • 100 squats


  • “Murph”

    For time, replace Pullups with a novel exercise if necessary.

    • 1 mile run
    • 100 pullups
    • 200 pushups
    • 300 squats
    • 1 mile run


  • “300”
    This was the workout that propelled Mark Twight to fame, and pulled CrossFit along for the ride. Sub the pull-ups and deadlifts (or anything else) with novel exercises from the list below.
    25 pull-ups50 deadlifts (with 60kg)50 press-ups

    50 box jumps (onto a 60cm box)

    50 floor wipers (with a 60kg bar)

    50 two-handed clean-and-presses (with a 24kg kettlebell)

    25 pull-ups


  • “Griff” Run 800mRun 400m backward

    Run 800m

    Run 400m backward


  • 4 rounds of:Run 400m50 squats


  • Run 800m
    80 double-unders
    80 pushups
    then 600/60/60, 400/40/40, 200/20/20


  • 100-75-50-25 reps:situps
    flutterkicks (4-count)
    leg levers


  • 50 ring dips100 squats50 ring dips

    100 squats

    50 ring dips
    (sub dips on anything if your clients don’t have rings at home)


  • 21-15-9 reps of:Body blasters (burpeepullupkneestoelbows)

    box jump burpees

    Belushi burpees (on jump turn 180 degrees)

    Burpee Jacks (plank jack to jumping jack)



  • 2 rounds:Max pushups 2:00

    Max situps 2:00

    Max flutterkicks 2:00

    Max squats 2:00


  • Run 10 minutes max effort200 squats

    Run 10 minutes max effort


  • 5 rounds of:10 burpees

    20 box/bench jumps

    30 pushups

    40 squats

    50 lunges


  • “Crouching Tiger”50 squats

    25 pushups

    50 pistols

    25 fingertip pushups

    50 side lunges

    25 knuckle pushups

    50 walking lunges

    25 diamond pushups


  • 20-16-12-8-4 reps of:One-arm pushups

    One-legged squats


  • 5 rounds of:100 jumping jacks

    100 mountain climbers



If you have ANY questions about anything or need some additional guidance I am here for you.  Please email me at jay@locomotionfit.com and we will help you out the best we can!


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