A Letter to the Outliers

Coach Jacob Thornton

A Letter to the Outliers:

At Locomotion we have Outliers. We have people doing extraordinary things daily and not realizing how out of the ordinary these feats are because they are part of their daily routine. Things such as heavy back squats, long and intense Metcons, hour-long cycle classes, snatches, cleans, sled pulls, holding long yoga poses, you name it. To our athletes, these aren’t special things because we do them every day – and that’s exactly the point.
We as a community see these things and think why not try them? Or see that one day there’s something new within reach with proper direction. I have only been a Coach here for a short time, but everyday I am astonished at how routine these types of things are to our membership. It’s truly amazing.

The large majority of people in the world will never know what it is to see their true potential. I feel that we at Loco are constantly striving to become a better version of ourselves every day. I think it’s important to take a moment, step back, and appreciate the amount of effort and hard work that is evident in all the things we are capable of as a collective community. You all can do some great things that don’t happen in other gyms and facilities due to what I think is a fear of some movement abilities. Yet here we are, in the routine.
Congrats to you all and keep pushing that limit.

– Coach Jacob


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