Have these thoughts ever run through your mind?

“There’s so much garbage information out there, I wish someone would just tell me the truth about fitness.”

“I’d rather watch paint dry than workout. It’s just so boring. ”

“After 4 months of working out 4 days a week I only lost 2.5 pounds. WTF is wrong with me?!”

“Diets work for a while but oreos are sooo good!”

Think what it would mean to:

  • Have a friend you haven’t seen in awhile tell you how great you look.  How they can’t believe you’re the same person.  Pushing you to spill the beans on what you’ve been doing to make you “look so amazing!”.
  • Imagine being excited to workout because you’re seeing the progress from all your hard work.  You’ve got a defined body and a focused mind.

Even more importantly you’re staving off the ravages of chronic disease.  70% of people in the U.S. die from chronic diseases like heart disease or diabetes.  Want to know a little secret?  YOU’RE IN CONTROL OF WHETHER OR NOT YOU’RE PART OF THAT 70%.  Eat the right foods in the right amounts, workout using functional movements performed at high intensity, get good sleep, keep stress levels low, and your chances of being affected by chronic disease are reduced exponentially.  

Stop guessing whether or not what you’re doing is right.  Follow a program that has produced amazing results for real people.  Like Sara C. who recently lost 15 lbs, 1.5% body fat, and 20 inches in 28 days.  Follow a program written by a professional who approaches fitness with the mindset of a skilled artisan.
You CAN have the body of your dreams, but let’s be honest, you’ve been trying to achieve this on your own all your life.  You pay a professional to perform maintenance on your car, but you leave your body in the hands of an amature?    How much longer before you admit that maybe you need a little help?  5 more Pounds, 10 more pounds?
I used to go to the gym without any plan, wander around for 45 minutes then pat myself on the back for having “worked out” that day.  I’d workout for a few months and see ZERO progress at which point I decided I just didn’t have the right body type, and I was forever doomed to the land of man boobs.
That all changed when I learned what it meant to train instead of exercise, and eat for fuel instead of for feelings.  The Marine Corps opened my eyes to the world of training like an athlete and since then I haven’t looked back.  My mission is no longer to fight the bad guy overseas, it’s battling a much bigger enemy right here in our own backyard.  Chronic disease takes the lives of millions of Americans each year- that’s an enemy worth my time.
Stop doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  It’s time to adapt, it’s time for something new.  If you want different results you’ve got to try something DIFFERENT!


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