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Jay Cohen coach at Locomotion Fitness

Jay Cohen


BS in Finance / US Marine / CrossFit Level 3 / USA Weightlifting Level 1 / CrossFit Football / CrossFit Barbell / The Ready State Mobility / Aerobic Capacity / Healthy Steps Nutrition / Renaissance Periodization

“Many gyms only work on physical development, but Loco works on developing the whole picture of health. Everyone deserves a place where they feel a sense of belonging; Loco is that place!”

Jay’s passions + interests, inside + outside the gym:
Sport-specific training, weightlifting, mindset + adherence, volleyball, meditation, reading

Katie Flaherty


CrossFit Level 1 / NASM Certified Nutrition Coach / NASM Certified Personal Trainer / PRO-Natal (Pre & Post) Fitness Level 1 / USA Weightlifting Level 1

What I love about Loco is the shared desire to improve all aspects of life, not just the fitness part. Everyone that I’ve met is hungry to make changes and so open to learning. It feels like a family and there’s something extremely comforting about that. I am so excited to be a part of this community!

Katie’s passions + interests, inside + outside the gym: Absolutely love gymnastics movements – TTB are my favorite and getting to do things like Handstand Walks make me feel like a kid all over again! Aside from the gym, I love being outdoors, especially spending time getting some sun at the beach. I also enjoy exploring Indian food/pizza/ice cream places and chilling with my two dogs, Charlie and Molly.



BA English

“I love Loco because it dives deep into all aspects of health, not just fitness! There is such a strong sense of community, and you feel welcomed from the minute you walk in the door. Locomotion helps seemingly unreachable goals possible! Regardless of fitness level, there is a workout for everyone!”

Kassie’s passions + interests, inside + outside the gym:
Keeping up with my energetic daughter, anything outdoors (the beach is my go-to), checking out local vendors, and hanging out with my bootcamp girls inside and outside of the gym!



B.S. Elementary Education / NASM Certified Personal Trainer⁠

“I love the emphasis on the big picture [at Locomotion]: taking care of your whole self through all aspects of health, not just getting in a workout! The focus on community-building is incredible – it’s already clear to me that there’s a special thing going here and I am so excited to be a part of it!”⁠

Ali’s passions + interests, inside + outside the gym:

“I have always loved movement and exploring what our bodies are capable of. My current interests are diving deeply into functional movement patterns, learning cool skills like handstands, and kettlebells. I am also a middle school math and science teacher! In my spare time I love backpacking in the mountains or hanging out at the beach with my fam :)”



BS Public Health

“As a Park Circle resident, I am thrilled to have LOCO in my neighborhood. As a human with a body, I am grateful as heck to have this beautiful community to support me in my efforts of caring for my meat suit! I’m truly honored to be here with y’all!”⁠

Steph’s passions + interests, inside + outside the gym:

“I am obsessed with CREATIVITY and everything about the creative process. I am an artist and creative consultant. I also love dogs, nature, laughing and having fun.⁠”

Adam "Jamo" Jamieson


Crossfit Level 1
Education/Master of Science: Sports and Health Science (American Military University)

What I enjoy about Loco is that it offers a professional environment to help others cultivate the tools and experience necessary to make positive and rewarding changes. Being under one roof that offers group class, personal training, yoga, spin and nutrition is so cool to me!

My favorite movement is the double kettlebell swing and my favorite gymnastic movement is all of them. Outside of the gym, I enjoy adventure walks with my dog named Ross.



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

“When I joined Locomotion Fitness years ago, I was in the worst shape of my life in every way possible. Locomotion Fitness brought a focus, not just to my physical health, but to the mental health and personal relationships I had been lacking. I feel so grateful to bring the same methods of success into the lives of others.”

Bryan’s passions + interests, inside + outside the gym:
It’s just CrossFit, all the way down. Well, Bootcamp too!



CrossFit Level 2 / CrossFit Gymnastics/Olympic Lifting/Endurance/Mobility / USAW-Level 1 / Reformer 1 Pilates Instructor

“After a brief hiatus from Crossfit, I was introduced to Loco when my wife began attending classes. I knew once I went to the free community workout class that I’d get the itch again. I was right. Loved the way Jay spoke about the community and approach of Loco being more than just the workouts. This is the way I’ve always thought of CrossFit, and the best of what group training has to offer – it’s not JUST puddles of sweat on the floor.”

Carter’s passions + interests, inside + outside the gym:

“Outside of the gym, I like to spend time with my wife and friends, on a bike, and hangin’ with our two dogs. As well as music and the occasional delicious beer (or two). Inside the gym, I prefer the Olympic lifts and most anything with a barbell.”



200 YTT Baptiste Power Yoga / Bachelors in Studio Art from the College of Charleston

“I wanted to work at Locomotion because I knew it would change my life for the better. I felt welcomed with open arms to this community of members and coaches!”

Jess’s passions + interests, inside + outside the gym:
Running outside or pretty much anything outdoors, hanging out with my boyfriend and all of our pets (3 cats and a dog), painting, and drawing.



BS in Exercise Science

“I entered the coaching world two years ago and fell in love with the environment and people and I have not looked back. To me, coaching is one of the most rewarding things I can do to give back to the community. I love to see people succeed both inside and outside the gym and celebrate them. The Locomotion community has such good energy and y’all are so friendly and supportive of one another. I cannot wait to meet each of you and get to know you more over the next few months.”⁠

Jess’s passions + interests, inside + outside the gym:

“I grew up here in the Charleston area and graduated from CofC with a BS in Exercise Science, I just can’t seem to leave this city! Growing up, I was a competitive Irish Dancer for 13 years and then I was a rower for 4 years in college when I decided I wanted to try something new.”



CF L2 / Burgener Olympic Lifting Seminar

“Love working with people and the connections that are made in the CrossFit environment, especially when the individual starts to believe in themselves and recognizes their potential / confidence grows. Looking forward to working with and being a part of the locomotion fitness community!”

Jess’s passions + interests, inside + outside the gym:

“Fairly new from upstate NY, moved here with my dog Benicio last November (2022). Love coaching and competing in Olympic lifting and gymnastic progressions.”



CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Kids Certificate
Doctorate in English Education and Literacy

“I liked how welcoming LOCO was from the very first. I was looking for a box where members come first and coaches enjoyed what they were doing and actively coached. Since moving here it has only become better as a place to develop professionally and physically.”

Michael’s passions + interests, inside + outside the gym:
Outside the gym I like to play basketball but haven’t found a group here yet. I like keeping up with my grandkids and of course I read a lot. In the gym I like to focus on cardio, but I plan to focus on the movements that give problems like Overhead Squats and Hand Stand Push-ups.

Samantha Dupree


USA Weightlifting L1
CF L2 Trainer
Bachelor of Science: Kinesiology with a concentration in exercise as medicine

What I enjoy about Loco is that it offers members everything. We have nutrition coaching, personal training, and a wide variety of group classes that members have the choice to utilize. It provides members with all of the resources they need with the best staff to deliver those resources. I also love the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of everyone in the gym each and every day.

My favorite barbell movement is the squat snatch and my favorite gymnastics movement are handstands. Least favorite movement would be wall balls.

Outside the gym I enjoy spending time with my 2 dogs, reading, and relaxing at the beach.



BS in Kinesiology with a focus in Neuromechanics

“I love challenging myself with a variety of fitness goals, from running spartan races, hitting new PR’s on lifts, to just completing a soul crushing workout every now and then. I’m so excited to join the Loco family and I look forward to seeing everyone in the gym!”

Sean’s passions + interests, inside + outside the gym:

“Outside of the gym I’m a huge foodie and love going and trying new things with family and friends but I’m also a huge fan of just taking time to sit back and read a good book or binge a little bit of a show on Netflix.”

Mike Martino


NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)/USA Weightlifting Level-1 Performance Coach
Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level-1/Mike Boyle CFSC Level-1/CrossFit Level-1/USAG Gymnastics Level 1
EDUCATION/Master of Science: Physical Education & Health Education K-12
(Brooklyn College)
Bachelor of Science: Kinesiology
(State University of New York College at Cortland)

What I enjoy about Loco is that we’re giving people of all levels and backgrounds the knowledge and tools to make lifelong changes in their body, mind, and overall well-being. We also realize that there is no “one size fits all” approach to wellness and we treat each member as the individual that they are.

My favorite barbell movement is the thruster and my favorite gymnastics movement is the handstand pushup. Least favorite would be the bike by far.
Outside the gym I enjoy everything about the beach. Surfing, swimming, spikeball…all of it.



Bachelor’s of Science Biology / Masters of Nutrition and Exercise Wellness from Liberty University

“I chose to work at Locomotion because it is a gym I can completely stand behind: the idea of the gym being a community coming together to support each other in our dreams and goals both in and out of the gym. I can’t wait to get started!”

Kat’s passions + interests, inside + outside the gym:

“My fitness journey started about 2.5 years ago when my best friend wrote me my first gym program and since then I’ve been hooked! When I’m not strength training, I’m usually cycling. Through my love of fitness I started to become more and more interested in nutrition and decided to take the leap and go to school for it. If I’m not in the gym or the kitchen, then I can probably be found at the beach or on the boat! As a Charleston native, I have always loved being by the water and will take any excuse to be around the ocean!”

Our Founder

Jay Cohen owner of Locomotion Fitness

Jay Cohen

I moved from Boston to claim the title of United States Marine in Beaufort, SC. After the Marine Corps I attended the College of Charleston, graduated in 2014, and have been the conductor of Locomotion Fitness ever since. I believe EVERY BODY should have the opportunity to get fit and stay healthy.

I’ve been coaching for over a decade and believe in a holistic approach to fitness. Exercise is only one of five pillars we focus on at Locomotion Fitness. Here we train the physical, mental, and emotional self, because I believe a six-pack won’t provide a more fulfilling life.

I lead a team of highly qualified coaches and amazing humans who use a variety of approaches to connect with their clients on a deeply personal level. Our goal is to help you achieve yours, one step at a time!


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