Fixing the Squat

Even the simplest movements can benefit from the watchful eye of a coach.  The air squat is about as foundational as it gets but there are still TONS of ways to improve form which ultimately leads to safer movement and faster progress.

In this video, Coach Jay works with Brendan on his squat depth and form.  We show some simple tactile cues to give Brendan’s nervous system something to focus on as well as giving some examples of some homework Brendan can do to gradually improve his issues for good.

If you’ve never worked with a coach one on one it’s hard to understand the value. It’s easy to think “I can go to the gym myself and do the exact same thing, so why do I need a coach”?  The simple answer is that we’ll be able to save you a lot of time and make sure you’re doing the right things for your body and level of development.

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