Approaching RX

These are muscle ups. This is what you’re working towards for today’s WOD.

It’s time for many of you to start progressing towards RX. Beyond moving consistently well your biggest focus should be on developing new skills (pull ups, push ups, hollow rocks, dips etc.), increasing range of motion, or increasing load.

Don’t be satisfied with using the same scaling option for the rest of your life. Scaling is there to meet you where you are now, however, where you are now should be constantly improving. You’ve got to stress your body with new and increasing stimuli in order to continually progress.

I think many of you are over scaling because you want to complete the workout quickly. I challenge you to instead make the movements harder or the weights heavier and move a bit slower to maintain form. You’ll only be slower for a while as your body adapts and then that new movement or heavier weight will become The New Normal. Then it’s time again to make your next progression.

1 dead hang pull up Beats a million banded pull ups every day of the week.

It’s time to start pushing. Let’s do this.

-Coach Jay


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