Are you doing what you want? Or what you need?

People want the type of training they need the least.⠀

On the macro level, this means runners want to run, lifters want to lift.  Runners push hard in their run and pull back a little in the lift because they don’t feel confident or safe enough there yet.  Lifters go hard with the barbell and treat the run as their rest. Like more of a “catch my breath” jog.⠀

On a micro level, we have movements we love and movements we strongly dislike.  If nothing jumps into your mind, ask yourself: When do I rest in a workout?  Typically, we give everything we have to the movements we like and then move slower in the ones we dislike.  The problem here is that when we lose intensity, we lose results. ⠀

Next time you’re getting ready to take on a WOD ask yourself ‘Which of these movements am I least excited about?  Where do I plan on pulling back or resting today?’  Then, tackle that piece the hardest.  Psychologically, this type of training is very powerful. It’s frustrating. It’s hard. And it’s necessary.⠀

Coaches, make people chase their weaknesses.  If we don’t do it, no one else will. It’s our job to push you past your comfort zones.  We help you walk those edges.  We demand you rise up and become who you want to be.  We guide you beyond those mental barriers.


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