Be Your Own Butterfly Effect

Our First Intro To the Butterfly Effect…

The butterfly effect is the phenomenon whereby a really, really small localized change in a complex system (YOUR BODY/LIFE) can have large effects elsewhere (earth!).

What did we learn about the butterfly effect from this book?

Linear Eating?


Hmmm…how’d that work out for the caterpillar?

Well, it got it’s EAT on and experienced an insulin dump in the form of a ‘tummy ache’.

Then what happens?

He eats a leaf – just one – and feels better. He builds a house.

No bigs.

And poof, just 2 weeks later he’s a beautiful butterfly.

That sounds awesome…almost like it’s too good to be true…

Hold up, wait a minuteThat doesn’t sound like life, does it?

Hmmm…or does it?

For the vast majority, unfortunately, this is their chosen – 100% chosen – butterfly effect:


  • Eat whatever and the butterfly effect is glycogen dependent (this is the prerequisite to diabetes and chronic diseases – the #1 killer currently for US).


  • No exercise – the fitness gadget commercial scares the HELL out of me. You should not be spiking a heart rate at 150 with a smile on your face. You SHOULD NOT get winded climbing flights of stairs. Don’t buy that crap.


  • Listen but do not verify – social media, news, whatever – let me see that blood test Mr. Caterpillar. Pick away the layers DOWN to the core. See things for what they really are.


Does this sound like a promising butterfly effect?


There will be no butterfly.

The caterpillar will remain a caterpillar.

The vast majority of people experience more of a caterpillar effect than a butterfly effect, wouldn’t you agree?

Why not do these 5 simple fat loss strategies?

It’s no problem…after all nothing really is….until it is.

And then your like good ol’ Sisyphus with the choice to start moving that rock up hill or letting the ego control.

When it comes to YOUR butterfly effect…get in that driver’s seat and STAY IN IT.

The great news is what you do matters and we can change that literally any time you wish.

Step 1: Start With Why

Seriously, it sounds ridiculous but this is literally the starting point.

Everything affects everything and that begins with your WHY.

Here’s a secret: you make your reality and, as we are all too aware of, reality is a G-R-I-N-D.

It’s a daily grind so in order to keep moving that marker up the hill every day we, literally as human beings having an attitude (hopefully a positive one!), need a WHY.

What’s your WHY?

Mine is to help people find their why using fitness because it helped me and if I can do it anyone can do it.

Why is that my why? I look back and it seems a dream…I am so appreciative and must show it with deeds…not just words.

It’s indescribable in plain words or pictures because it’s a feeling and we’d need lots of beer and time (story time!) but it’s along the lines of Victor Frankl’s “the meaning of your life is to help others find the meaning of theirs.”

Belief will change your world.

Believe IN YOU.

Remember where you came from and pass on the precious gift of experience because we all start here…literally from scratch…but I can’t say I recall at all being age 2 (that hand print)…but I’m 3 decades and then some and I’m looking forward…no longer (took a LONG time) backwards.

I think everyone would AND can better their life by moving forwards and simply KEEP MOVING FORWARDS – NO MATTER WHAT.

Step 2: Accept Mortality

I wish someone would have told me to get my act together sooner.

But then again…that would have changed everything…

If there is one thing that will guarantee to fire you up every day is accepting the fact that being human, we are dying, biologically, every day.

Technology is there these days to delay it so we can enjoy a rather bizarrely awesome high quality of life but tick tock goes the clock…

Our ancestors had a saying: Memento Mori.

By remembering we are going to die we are able to identify what is TRULY important.

It is a choice to rage into the light or let society drive the bus and just climb onboard.

No my friends. Make the choice. Do not go gently into the good light.

Steps 1 + 2 =

Start with Why and start getting after it.

Simply just start and remember that the plan you start with WILL NOT be the plan that gets you there.

You’ll adjust along the way.

Just like you’ve always done.

Only you’ll start noticing that you’re more aware.

You’ll start to really care about your choices.

You’ll break down decisions because you care about YOU.

Your choices develop your butterfly effect, if you will.

Step 3: Embrace Being a Caterpillar

The caterpillar does not concern itself with the butterfly.

And the butterfly no longer is concerned with itself with the caterpillar.

Yet both are one and the same.

Therefore, your choices determine if you ever move on from the caterpillar stage.

For there to be be a butterfly effect there must be a butterfly and thus, once upon a time…a caterpillar.

Nobody cares about the caterpillar because they see the butterfly and what they see is all they know.

The caterpillar that focuses on what’s in front of it does one thing at a time.

One repetition, one step, one day at a time.

Progressing forward.

It isn’t concerned with the butterfly because it is trying to be the best caterpillar it can be for that is what it knows.

Every day it is alive, it is progressing.

It takes what it takes so why not embrace being a caterpillar if given the opportunity?

The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts.

To Recap:

To influence YOUR own butterfly effect:


  • Start With Why: Find what drives you. That’s your ‘it’ or ‘why’.


  • Accept Mortality: We’re Going to DIE. It’s now o’clock. Start getting after IT. Then stay after it but make necessary adjustments because life happens!


  • Embrace Being a Caterpillar: Focus on what’s in front of you and do one thing at a time.


Getting better is a campaign.

Get after it.

There’s no time like N-O-W.

Step it up and embrace driving YOURSELF.

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”.

This life. YOUR life. Is the ultimate gift. LET’S GO.

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