Benefits of Functional Training


Benefits of Functional Training

Nowadays more and more people are participating in functional training classes. Stationary equipment and cardio machines are beginning to phase out and stability exercises are gaining more popularity. Below are some major benefits of functional training, and how THIS style of training can be right for everyone!

Designed to move: Our bodies were not meant to be stationary for long periods of time (working at a desk),  we were made to get up and move. If you are someone who has one of these desk jobs and chooses stationary exercises at the gym, you are only benefitting from isolating individual muscles. Functional training will focus on movement patterns rather than singular movements. Why would you sit down at the gym after sitting down at work all day??

Don’t Slouch! Tired of hearing your mom say, “stand up straight?” Functional training can assist in correcting poor posture and the imbalance of muscles. Posture assets in stabilizing the spine and prevents back pain and fatigue. When our back is straight, the spine is supported by stabilizing muscles. When you slouch, your spine is no longer supported by the muscles it needs to stay balanced, this leads to ongoing health problems.

Burn More Fat: You will experience a major fat burning workout when you incorporate full body movements. Functional training improves strength, endurance, and boosts metabolism! Because these exercises involve using two or more muscle groups and a minimum of two joints, you will be torching calories and fat even after you’ve finished!

Builds Stronger and Leaner Muscles: Ever wonder how gymnasts at the Olympics are so trim? Besides their nutrition, they are constantly performing movement patterns and having to lift their own body weight. They are NOT doing singular movements (i.e. biceps curls) or running at a steady pace on the treadmill.   

Stabilization: In order to keep your body strong and ready for daily challenges, it is vital that you incorporate flexibility, balance, mobility, core stability, and strength training into your exercise routine. Constantly challenging your body and throwing new movements at it will prepare you for life’s adventures!

Sport-Specific: Whether you are new to sports, a high school or collegiate athlete, or a recreational sports junkie, functional movements provide essential training for any athlete. Improving the relationship between the nervous and musculoskeletal systems will improve quick, reactive and powerful movement patterns.

It stems from the Core: Regardless of what movement you are doing, functional training exercises involve your core. With a variety of body positions and movement patterns, the core is used to stabilize the spine against external forces. So instead of traditional crunches, aim to mimic the demands that our everyday tasks and activities put on our spine and core – choose functional training!

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