What Would Beth’s Student Say?

Starting something new can be a little scary.  But in this case there are PLENTY of people who have gone before you and they have some great news for you: Beth is AWESOME.  Look with your own 2 eyes, then do yourself a favor and join us starting in January!


Beth has always been such a warm and grounded person. Her ability to connect with people and put them at ease is legend in the yoga world. She is knowledgeable and kind…never self important…and dedicated to her work.

-Kelly Jean Moore, Owner Mission Yoga, Charleston


I’ve taken many yoga classes in and out of the United States and Beth is truly amazing. Love her!!!

-Micki Collett, Student


Such a beautiful soul and inspirational yoga teacher.

-Jolee McLeod, Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher


This was my first first yoga experience.and couldn’t imagine a better introduction or a better teacher.

-Marc Brodeur


Beth Cosi is a magical unicorn… She’ll get you moving, she’ll meet you where you are, and all you have to do is show up…., a great introduction to yoga if it’s your first time, and always brimming with something for the more seasoned yogi too!

-Jen Bennet


Beth is one of the most sincere people I know, she creates a fun and easy environment that promotes growth and self-acceptance.

-Lindsey Holt


Bendy Brewski Yoga remains my most treasured yoga experience to date.  It was because of friends that I first stumbled into these classes in July 2012 and I can’t imagine my life without this practice on a regular basis. Words don’t fully capture the amazing community Beth has created. Beth and the other instructors are phenomenal. I’m honored to continue to be a small part of this wonderful community, and I’m so thankful for the love and joy it had brought to my yoga practice and to my life in general. Cheers.

-Carol Verano

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