Yoga in the Gym: What to Expect

Yoga in a gym setting, what to expect. After graduating my 200HR training, my first paid Yoga gig was within a gym. At the time it was a big gym with a big following and a really excellent Yoga program. I was excited for the opportunity and the challenge. I worked...

Client Story – Caroline P.

Congrats to our May Member of the Month, Caroline Parr!! Caroline is a total inspiration; she is a busy working Mom to two and so much fun to have around! Her quick wit, outgoing attitude and hilarious asides keep the #locofam laughing.  She really is fearless in the...

Yoga is for Beginners, or “I can’t touch my toes”

I could talk endlessly about being inflexible, injured, aging, too big, too weak, ...all the reasons I hear, “I can’t do Yoga,” but i won’t waste my time. None of it is true. Period. Yoga is for every person, especially when you have a beginners mind. “Anyone can...

Our New Boot Camp Class Might be Your New Favorite

I started thinking, what if there was a workout I could go to where I just worked hard and had fun? A workout where my old PR’s don’t matter because I’m just whipping battle ropes, hitting tires with a sledgehammer, and focusing on sweating and moving? A workout that will help me look good, feel good and not cause any stress over past numbers? I realized that we had the answer all along and the workout is called Boot Camp!

Client Story – Jonathan A.

Congrats to our *better late than never* Member of the the Month of April, Jonathan Ard! Jonathan is always good for a laugh, he works hard and listens well.  He's got a busy family and work life and still makes time for his health, he just keeps improving in the...

Yoga & Stress

Written by: Beth Cosi Stress is defined in the Googles as Anxiety, an “intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations.” What I take real note of here, is that it occurs in “everyday situations.” Stress is a part of our living. We need...

Why You Need your own Moby Dick

For most I’m not talking about the muscle up literally, but instead I am referring to what it represents – a meaningful, tangible, physical goal.  For the 85 year old grandmother, that might be walking up 3 stairs without assistance.  For others it may be a 400lb back squat. And for some, it’s moving without pain.

Introducing Kelly

Having been the recipient of excellent coaching, emotional support, and wise teachings, I feel a responsibility to pass these gifts along with matching sensitivity. In order to be a teacher and facilitate the growth of another, I must remain teachable myself. I try (imperfectly) to see the obstacles as the paths, the challenges as opportunities to grow. When I am able to do so, the rewards are exponential.



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