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October Member of the Month

Congratulations to our October Member of the Month, LaRon Perry! From the moment LaRon first walked into Loco a little over a year ago, she has been a source of light and positivity that radiates to her surroundings. We’ve seen her hype other people up

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September Member of the Month

Congratulations to our September Member of the Month, Molly Duncan! Molly started with us a little over a year ago by way of Personal Training. Over the last few months, she has transitioned 100% into taking regular group classes. We see Molly in ALL of

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August Member of the Month

Congratulations to our August Member of the Month, Anthony Raimondi! In the little bit over a year that Anthony has been a part of the Loco fam, he has been such a blessing. We know the early morning 5AM warriors would agree that he is

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Congratulations to our July member of the month, Casey Morrison! Casey has been with us for a little over a year and has spent EVERY moment of that time with us striving to be a better version of herself – her hard work and commitment

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The GHD: What It Is And How To Use It!

The GHD- or Glute-Hamstring Developer, is an amazing piece of equipment that we can use to develop both the glute and hamstring muscles, as well as the back muscles, plus sharpen our overall body awareness.  When getting ready to use the GHD, adjust the foot

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June Member Of The Month

Congratulations to our June member of the month, Laura Eddy! Although she’s approaching her 6 months with Locomotion, we honestly can’t remember a time when Laura wasn’t there — the day just wouldn’t be right without her. She’s absolutely become a staple to our morning

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Reverse Hyper 101

The Reverse Hyper is a great piece of equipment in the gym that helps to strengthen lower back muscles, recover from disc problems, and rehab back injuries. They can look a little intimidating, however, so let’s discuss how to use it for optimizing your training

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Differing Types of Pull-ups

Pull ups are an important skill and ability for us to have – they develop upper body strength, are functional, and can be applied to many real-life situations, while keeping our bodies working properly.  When we train pull ups, we have different ways of doing

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Comparing the Locomotion Fitness Offerings

Truth: we are all awesomely unique, with individual needs, interests, schedules, goals, and so much more! At Loco we recognize that all of the things that make you, YOU, also make a huge difference when it comes to your training. That’s why we offer three

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May Member of the Month!

Congratulations to our May member of the month, David Aitken! Some of you may know him as Super Dave…and if you don’t, now you do. David was a member of Loco a couple of years prior but recently came back a few months ago in

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