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Coach Spotlight: Coach Jay

Q: Describe yourself in five words or less. And, go! A: Grateful to live my dream. Q: Did you choose the coaching life, or did the coaching life choose you? Explain. A: It found me! I started coaching in the Marine Corps when buddies asked

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Fixing the Squat

Even the simplest movements can benefit from the watchful eye of a coach.  The air squat is about as foundational as it gets but there are still TONS of ways to improve form which ultimately leads to safer movement and faster progress. In this video,

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Most people know strength training is very different from training for a marathon.  But did you know adding muscle size requires a training stimulus very different from that of increasing muscle strength or power?  The art of adding muscle size is called Hypertrophy, and that’s

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4 Exercises to Improve Posture

Nobody wants to walk around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame when they’re 80. Our lives are setup to encourage bad posture, we sit too often and we’re constantly typing, texting, or driving.  All of those things put us in a forward head and shoulder

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Client Story | Patrick G.

Patrick is a (new) Dad, lawyer, and member of the LocoFam for the past year. Before he started with Loco he could feel himself starting to struggle to do the things he loved in his life. He set a goal to lose some weight, increase

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Members of the Month

Meet members of the month, Sean and Melissa Logue! The Logues have been part of our gym family for nearly a year now, and we wanted to recognize them for all the hard work, effort, and gains they’ve made in and out of the gym

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Pull Up Negative

“Coach Jay, ALL I want for Christmas this year is a pull up”. The pull up can be elusive for some, the unicorn of exercises if you will, but getting one is worth the hard work. The feeling of getting your chin over that bar

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Our Inside Out Approach

After 10 years we finally realized that changes happen from the inside out.  The problem with ‘losing’ weight is that you’ll always find it if you don’t address what made you gain that weight in the first place. In ‘Atomic Habits’ author James Clear talks

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How we Weight Loss

If you’ve tried to lose weight before I bet you’ve heard these suggestions: “Just eat Less!” “It’s not hard, you just need to eat EXACTLY these foods, in EXACTLY these amounts, so just start weighing, measuring, logging, and tracking every piece of food you put

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Bar Hang

Cavemen had feet like leather and tough hands because their bodies adapted to the needs of their environment.  Today we sit for far too long and almost everything we do is in front of us – just feel your body position right now as you’re

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