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The Importance of Athlete Check-Ins

As humans, we need motivation.  A lot of times, it takes something happening outside of you to kick your internal motivation into gear, and that’s where goals come in.   We have help for you built right into your membership at Locomotion Fitness. Have you booked

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Member of the Month: Curt Mowry

Congratulations to Curt Mowry, our May Member of the Month! Our coaches nominated Curt because he’s been consistently showing up and putting in the hard work for a year now. He always walks in with a smile on his face as he greets everyone, and

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5 Ways to Break through a Plateau

Are you no longer seeing any progress in your workouts? Maybe you’ve hit a workout plateau. A workout plateau is when your body has gotten used to a certain workout routine. Watch the video to know more about what causes this and what you can

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Looking out for the LocoFam

When it boils down to it, the reason we do hard things is for our community and the people around us, so that we are able to survive and thrive as a tribe.  The power of teamwork and relationships is incredibly important- and one of

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I’m Working out SO HARD and not seeing RESULTS

Are you working out hard and not seeing results? Does it feel like your progress has stalled? Health and fitness aren’t just dependent on what we do inside the gym. Aside from exercise and nutrition, there are three other pillars of health that we build on,

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10 Tips to stay on Track during Vacation

Most of the time, people put exercise on the back-burner while going on a vacation. Fact is, they shouldn’t. It’s very important to stay healthy even when you’re traveling. You can exercise while STILL enjoying your vacation. Here are some tips on how you can

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