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“Strength TRAIN” Week Program Example

Below is a sample of one week’s worth of programming for our brand new strength-only group class, “Strength TRAIN”: Day 1: A – 5×5 Back Squat 3 Sets: B1 – 50 Hamstring Curls B2 – 25 Single-leg Calf Extensions (per side) 5 Sets: C –

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Congratulations to Janine Serell, our March member of the month!!  Janine is an absolute powerhouse here at Loco and an incredible inspiration to us all. She always shows up to the gym with a huge smile on her face, ready to take on whatever challenges

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Jump Rope Considerations

Looking to take your jump rope skills the extra mile? We highly recommend buying your own rope! A jump rope is one of the most versatile, affordable, and personalized pieces of equipment you can buy and use to optimize your workouts. Here are a few

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How to Conduct Self-Myofascial Release

Are you feeling tight in certain areas or have sore spots from intense training? You might benefit from some soft tissue maintenance! What is soft tissue and why do we do this?  Under the skin you have bone, then muscle, then fascia, and then skin

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Different Types of Gymnastics Grip

Let’s talk about two different kinds of gymnastics movement “grip” or hand positioning. It’s important to understand how to most efficiently hold onto the pull-up bar, depending on what movements we want to perform. While there are several different kinds of grip, the two we

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February Member of the Month

Congratulations to Anne Lawless our February member of the month!! Anne is a truly remarkable individual and a true LOCO OG (circa 2019). Even during early morning class hours, she has a great attitude and is always eager to help others. Her love for animals

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Bailing Lifts Safely

We all want to get stronger and lift heavier and heavier weights, right? Of course! In order to do that, we have to do what’s called threshold training- occasionally pushing the limits of our strength to progress what we are capable of training.  When we train

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“I’m nervous.”‘I’m not sure I can do it.”“I won’t be able to contribute anything to my team.” These are common things we hear from people prior to doing their first CrossFit/Locomotion Open. “That was SO fun.”“I’ve never seen energy in the gym like that before.”“I’m

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January Member of the Month

Congratulations to Joy Brown, our first Member of the Month for 2023! From a small group personal training standpoint, Joy has been extremely consistent with her training and her performance reflects it! She’s always pushing herself to try heavier weights and to attack challenging movements.

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