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How You Show Up Matters

How you show up in the world matters.  Negative experiences will carry themselves forward to new ones and color both how you perceive them and how others perceive you.  What can we do about this? The key is to keep an open mind.

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LF Fall Schedule 2022

Our new fall schedule for Bootcamp & CrossFit will launch on September 6th, following the Labor Day holiday weekend. Check out the flyer below for the full schedule! Included in this change, we’ll now be offering a 7:45am Bootcamp class on Tuesdays and Fridays –

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Our Tagline: Believe, Belong, and Be Strong

BELIEVE, BELONG, BE STRONG.  We at Locomotion Fitness believe in these three words above all else.  It takes all of these things to transform yourself into your best you. What does it mean? Find out and join us.

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August Member of the Month

Congratulations to Cameron Hemphill, our August Member of the Month!  Cameron has been a member of Loco since March 2021, and partakes in all of our group class offerings throughout the week. She has been extremely dedicated to her health & wellness, and we are

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The Loco Way: 5 Pillars 

At Locomotion Fitness, our goal is to make you a kickass 90-year-old, not necessarily to spend hours in the gym or squat 500 pounds.  We need people out there that are capable of doing good things and changing the world!  We want to help you

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Self Talk: Helpful or Harmful

‘You can’t do this!’ ‘Who do you think you are? You’re never going to finish this!’  Sound familiar? The way we talk to ourselves makes a big difference.  What happens in your head within the gym walls when things get hard is exactly what will

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Exercise Essentials: The Turkish Get Up

The Turkish Get-Up is an amazing shoulder stability exercise that is often done incorrectly- or not at all! Watch Coach Jason explain the technique in this essential exercise and try it yourself at home.

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July Member of the Month 

Congratulations to Andrew Perry, our July Member of the Month!  He’s been a member of Loco since 2019, which proves his dedication to the Loco Fam. We also see this in classes, as Andrew is so supportive of the other members in class and always

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