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Fitness Assessment (And The Five Factors of Health)

Maybe last year your idea of fitness was ‘fittin’ this’ whole doughnut in your mouth.  Luckily for us, the New Year brings a fresh start.  But what exactly is THE thing we should start doing?  The best way to find out is completing our 2020 Fitness Assessment.

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How a Fitness Shortcut can Hurt Your Health

Jan 1st, you’ll set some New Year’s Resolutions.  Also on January 1st you’ll be thrilled to discover that you could achieve them all EASILY AND FAST in the next 30 days! Woohoo–what will you do with the rest of your year??! Of course, I’m referring to the get-lean-quick shakes, the crash diets, and the zero-money-down gym sign-up programs that prey on people like us.

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