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Deadlift Setup

Deadlift Setup We had the Iron Wolf Recovery (tag them) liftoff on Saturday (GREAT job to everyone who participated) and the number one issue we saw was people setting up improperly for the Deadlift. The setup is crucial for the dead because this lift is

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Gym Walkthrough

💥8000 Square Feet 💥 That’s a lot of room for activities…and we use every inch of our building. Let’s take a look around Loco MTV Cribs style, that way you’re familiar with the layout when you come for your first visit. Walking into a new

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Tempo Training

One Mississippi, Two Mississippi…. Tempo training smashes through plateaus fast, but requires you to move SLOWLY.  Moving slowly and deliberately: Increases time under tension (leading to more release of the good hormones) Helps to fire the right muscles in the right order (with a good

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A Letter to the Outliers

Coach Jacob Thornton A Letter to the Outliers: At Locomotion we have Outliers. We have people doing extraordinary things daily and not realizing how out of the ordinary these feats are because they are part of their daily routine. Things such as heavy back squats,

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Member of the Month: Ryan Harrington

Meet our member of the month, Ryan Harrington. Ryan was chosen by our coaching staff for the month of August due to his dedication to consistently coming to the gym weekly. He works hard and has fun, and both Ryan and his partner Tiffany have

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The Locomotion Fitness Story

Locomotion has evolved quite a bit from its early days.  We used to solely offer CrossFit classes but I realized there needs to be much more to our program if I wanted to help people with more than just their physical development.

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10 General Physical Skills

At Loco we focus on training for life outside the gym and that means being ready for just about anything because life is… interesting. We need to be well rounded, a jack of all trades, because life rewards the generalist and punishes the specialist when

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Hierarchy of Development

99% of people put the cart before the horse when it comes to their fitness. But you’re a member of the LocoFam and you know better now! Coaches save you time and energy because they teach you hard lessons they already figured out. They can

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