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Member of the Month

Congratulations to our Member of the Month, Courtney! Courtney’s attitude and effort in and outside of the gym represent a Loco member to the core. She has a positive outlook, she works hard and she is supportive of all her fellow Locos. We see you

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Locomotion Fitness is starting a new class for the 50+ community, “Loco Legends,” and I (Joe) have been asked to lead it. With the help and dedication of my fellow coaches and gym owner’s support, we will be offering the Loco Legends class in the

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What is the “Locomotion Open?”

“I’m nervous.” ‘I’m not sure I can do it.” “I won’t be able to contribute anything to my team.” These are common things we hear from members prior to doing their first Locomotion Open. “That was SO fun.” “I’ve never seen energy in the gym

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For as long as people have been working out there have been two goals that everyone has tried to achieve. Get shredded abs, and alleviate back pain. Countless infomercials have promised us beach bodies over the years (we all had an ab wheel in our

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Joint by Joint Approach

In the never-ending quest to keep our bodies healthy and happy, it is important that we understand what is going on under the hood. If we break our body down to it its most basic components, we can understand how it works and how to

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Member of the Month: Maura

Meet Maura, our December member of the month! Maura is an OG Loco member – she has been with us through our entire journey so far, and it’s been incredible to watch her grow as an athlete and a person. Check out our interview with

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