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The Benefits of Exercise for Brain Development

There is no question that exercise is good for your kid’s physical health. But did you know that exercise is crucial for the developing brain as well? Childhood and adolescence are important and sensitive periods for both cognitive and emotional development. Unfortunately, children today are

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Rx or Scaled: What should I be doing?

One of the first questions you usually ask yourself as a new CrossFit athlete is- Rx or scaled, and what should I be doing? Simply put, Rx is considered “as written,” relating to the exercises, rep scheme, and weights intended for a workout. I used

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We’re a Coaching Business.

Over the last months, the fitness industry has gone through a lot of changes. The “Covid Crisis” was a great leap forward in the evolution of the industry- and that’s good news for you. Don’t get us wrong, we wish the pandemic could have been avoided,

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Success Story – Bryan S.

Bryan S. has been a member of Locomotion Fitness for a little over a year, and has transformed into an incredible athlete! Check out Bryan’s video testimonial below to learn about his success story. Bryan– we are beyond grateful to have you as a member

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Is Personal Training the Best Fit For You?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to losing weight, building muscle, and improving your overall health. Group fitness classes, and even the recent influx of in-home exercising options are GREAT for some people, but when it comes to “what’s the best

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Summer, Vacation, and Staying on Track

We’re thrilled that it’s summer, a time generally filled with sun, laughter, and vacation! The summer of 2020, however, we know is still a challenging period for everyone, learning how to navigate this “new normal.” This month, let’s talk about the people who support you-

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Saturday 6/27/2020

LOCO ANNOUNCEMENTS Reminder that the WOD blog will be removed from the website starting next week. Moving forward, you can find the WOD and log your scores to track progress on the SugarWOD app. Check the Member’s Facebook page for the gym code you will

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Friday 6/26/2020

LOCO ANNOUNCEMENTS Beginning next week the WOD blog will be removed from the website and we’ll be returning to SugarWOD. Make sure to download the SugarWOD app and join ‘Locomotion Fitness’ before Monday (6/29) so you can stay up to date and see how awesome

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Thursday 6/25/2020

LOCO ANNOUNCEMENTS As I am sure many of you are aware, there have been many changes in the CrossFit community over the past few weeks. And as we hoped, CrossFit HQ is also experiencing quite a bit of change- Greg Glassman is divesting 100% ownership

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Wednesday 6/24/2020

LOCO ANNOUNCEMENTS   We will be introducing a new method to the gym soon and we are excited to share with you guys -Get ready to be bulletproof! In the meantime, Coach Jay is going to continue programming for us so if you like the

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