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Locomotion Fitness Guide to your First Pull Up

How many times have you looked at a workout and thought, “But, I can’t do a pull-up!” Too many times to count I bet. Don’t worry though – you’re not alone. For many of our athlete’s pullups are the one exercise that seems so far away.

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Movement Monday- The Hollow Body

Are you looking for THE ab exercise gymnasts use to get their insane 6-packs? The hollow is a fundamental position in gymnastics and is a GREAT addition to any ab routine.

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Movement Monday: The Shoulder Press

As you dig out your holiday decorations think about how useful it would be to easily grab those big boxes on the top shelf in the garage. Understanding overhead mechanics is what the shoulder press is all about.

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The Air Squat

Movement Monday: The Air Sqaut. If I was stuck on a desert island and could only do 1 exercise for the rest of my life…It would be the squat.  But, you MUST know how to do them properly.

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Client Story – Jesse

I recognize my time is limited and I can’t be an expert in everything, so this is a perfect way to learn and stay in shape.  Working out has gone from a chore that hung over my head, to what I look forward to most in the day. 

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What’s a No-Sweat Intro?

Joining a new gym can be scary. The fear of not knowing what to do or how to get started. Being in a new environment around people you don’t know. Hoping people don’t judge you because you’re a “newbie”. We’ve gone through this uncomfortable feeling ourselves and we didn’t like it either. That’s why the process for getting started at Locomotion is TOTALLY different from any other gym you’ve visited.

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What’s Your Time Worth?

Research shows that exercise improves mood, sleep, health, weight control and increases energy levels, so why does it get put on the back burner when life gets hectic? When stress levels are on the rise, we should be prioritizing the one activity that can help us manage that stress in a healthy way.

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Client Story – Paul

:Now I see how approachable CrossFit really is.  I’ve found that it is not as complicated or hard as it looks, and I understand how scale-able it is to everyone’s personal fitness levels.

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Client Story – Cassandra

I feel like I have several bright spots a week, as corny as that sounds. As hard as it is, I still feel like I’m successful at least a few times a week.  I feel like I’m working hard but I’m also progressing.

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10 Easy Fall Meals for Busy Weeknights

Weeknights can be tough when it comes to having a meal ready at the end of the day! After a long day at work followed by a workout at the gym, it can be tempting to come home and order takeout or grab whatever is

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