4 Strategies for Navigating a Healthy Holiday

The holiday time is here! ‘Tis the season for family, festivity, and FOOD- lots of food. Temptations are everywhere, and parties and travel disrupt daily …

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How to Achieve any Goal

A secret: We use this strategy to improve our business all the time. With the pandemic ongoing, things are constantly in flux. So whenever we come up against a problem that seems overwhelming, we use this plan to find focus and then take clear action.

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2020s Hard Truths

Twenty-twenty hasn’t turned out like any of us expected, but we should have seen that coming when Tiger King was released. But that’s not all 2020 has taught us, there’s been a lot of lessons. Here are my top 10.

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Hypertrophy: The Art of Adding Muscle Size

Most people know strength training is very different from training for a marathon. But did you know adding muscle size requires a training stimulus very different from that of increasing muscle strength or power? The art of adding muscle size is called Hypertrophy.

In this post we tell you:
1) What exercies to do for hyertrophy training
2) Set and rep schemes
3) How to add variance to your lifting program
4) Nutrition for Hypertrophy

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Fix your Breath: 3 Tools to Battle Anxiety/Depression, and Perform Better

Fixing the majority of breathing problems isn’t complex…though it’s not easy either. There are 3 simple things that when done in combination consistently over time yield results that seem almost too good to be true.

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Top Tips for Fall Health and Fitness

We’ve found clients usually like to refocus on their goals as summer draws to a close, so here are some tips for fall health and …

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The Benefits of Exercise for Brain Development

There is no question that exercise is good for your kid’s physical health. But did you know that exercise is crucial for the developing brain …

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Rx or Scaled: What should I be doing?

One of the first questions you usually ask yourself as a new CrossFit athlete is- Rx or scaled, and what should I be doing? Simply …

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We’re a Coaching Business.

Over the last months, the fitness industry has gone through a lot of changes. The “Covid Crisis” was a great leap forward in the evolution of …

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Success Story – Bryan S.

Bryan S. has been a member of Locomotion Fitness for a little over a year, and has transformed into an incredible athlete! Check out Bryan’s …

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