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Benefits of Functional Training

Stationary equipment and cardio machines are beginning to phase out and stability exercises are gaining more popularity. Below are some major benefits of functional training, and how THIS style of training can be right for everyone!

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Reboot Member- Mev McIntosh

Mev is a working mom but still finds time to devote a small portion of her day to bettering her own health! Her consistency with the Reboot program has given her more than she was expecting. We are so fortunate to have members like Mev, and never take it for granted!

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“Benefits of Early Morning Workouts”

If you are thinking to yourself, “There is NO way in hell Id get myself to the gym before work or school”, here are a couple of reasons why you should consider changing your mentality…and alarm!

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5 Reasons HIIT Will Make You Fit!

High Intensity Interval Training (HITT), isn’t just time effective, it also has you burning calories and fat long after you’ve completed your workout! Here are a few other reasons why HITT is so effective:

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