Client Story – Jason S.

Congrats to our September Member of the Month, Jason Sellers!

Jason is one of our Founding Members – he’s been with us since our hardhat workouts, while the Locomotion we know and love today was still under construction!  He’s dabbled in variety of sports throughout his life and CrossFit previous to us & you can tell he really enjoys his time in the gym. Jason’s what you’d call a seasoned vet in the gym and he’s often passing his tips and cues and encouragement around the gym to the newer athletes.  He gives everything he has in every single workout and pushes til the end. It’s pretty inspiring to see and a great example for the potential in us all.  He took the time to answer a few questions for us even while traveling for work – so we appreciate it, man! 

              Cheers, Sellers!


Here’s what Jason had to say about Locomotion:

Q: What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

A: Honestly, Stacey dragged me into our 1st CrossFit gym after she had been going for a few months. I had been pretty stagnant after a significant injury but was stubbornly skeptical about the whole idea. As wives often do, she knew what was best for me, acknowledging that I would come around to the community & spirit of competition once I gave it a fair shot. That was 8 years ago.

Q: What was your first impression?  How has that changed?

A: My first impression was intimidation and hesitation to jump right into so many things that were awkward or unfamiliar. I’ll never forget my 1st overhead squat attempts with PVC. I always considered myself athletic but how the hell was I not able to squat a matter of ounces. Obviously, now I know that most awkward or unfamiliar experiences are actual opportunities for growth. The full snatch is now one of my favorite and arguably strongest movements.

Q:What was your first “bright spot”?

A: My 1st bright spot was when I found out that you guys were opening up a gym in the neighborhood. Our house was under construction at the time, but we were already very anxious to begin immersing ourselves in the area and finding community wherever we could find it. The 1st hard hat workouts were a refreshing sign of the direction you were headed and an opportunity for us to be a part of it from day one.

Q: What are you working on now?

A:These days I am training to be a very fit & healthy old man. Really just trying to remain proficient and improve technique/efficiency while avoiding the travel diet-induced Dad bod. I do get sucked in to competing against myself and others in the group WODs from time to time, but that is just what keeps me going. My goal is to keep up a high metabolism by lifting heavy when I can’t participate in our programming and balance the mind/body connection with things that create positivity, like yoga and soccer. Specific to CrossFit, I am always working on getting stronger in the core power & olympic lifts.

Q: What’s your favorite Locomotion Memory?

A: Lots of fun Loco memories already, but probably have to go back to the USA themed Friday Night Lights event for 18.3 earlier this year. Electric atmosphere, lots of beginners trying new movements, a few veterans getting crushed by a challenging workout and drinks afterward to celebrate hard work and community. I don’t think a ton of people would say they look forward to spending Friday night with the members of their gym, but the FNL events made this a reality. ‘MERICA!

Thanks again, Jason! See you around the gym…

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