Client Story – Jennifer H.

              Congrats to our September Member of the Month,                Jennifer Hirchert!

Jen is an inspirational person. She’s a mid-wife so her job keeps her busy and on the fly!  She’s an awesome Mom to her adorable daughter who she is bringing along on her ‘health as a lifestyle’ journey AND she still makes time to crush her own fitness goals in the gym! She’s the ONLY person to finish the whole LocoBingo Card too! (Goal Crusher!) She’s spunky and determined and a lot of fun to be around – both in a workout or out and about. We’re so grateful that we (speaking for the whole LocoFam) get to be apart of her life.

Check out her story in her own words below!

                         Super Mom!!


Q. What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?
A: A couple friends have recommended CrossFit to me over the last years, but I never pursued it because I thought I wasn’t athletic enough and because I HATE exercise! I’ve tried so many other programs and gyms, and never stuck with anything for more than a few days or weeks at best. I signed up for the no-sweat intro on a whim because I’d gotten to a place of desperation with my weight, fatigue, and mental health due to a poor diet and lack of exercise.
During the intro, Jay seemed to genuinely care about his members and gave me so much hope that I could do this, and I could make positive changes. So I thought “hey, this challenge is only six weeks, if I hate it I just won’t join at the end.” Spoiler alert: I love it, I joined, and I haven’t looked back!
Q: What was your first impression? How has that changed?
A: My second of five foundations class was scheduled at the same time as a group CrossFit class, and I remember thinking “omg, there’s no way I can do what those people are doing!” I thought I’d be laughed right of the box. After seeing a huge improvement just between foundations classes 1 and 5, I realized everyone starts somewhere. So I went to my first group WOD on July 4th, it was a doozy, and the warm-up was a team sports approach. My inner non-athlete, introverted self wanted to die on the spot but everyone was SO welcoming and made me feel like part of the group from moment one. I realized that I was only competing with myself, and no one else cared about my current level of fitness. We’re all here for the same reason: to grow as athletes and support one another!
5am Twinning!
Q: What was your first “bright spot”?
A: When I re-did the first foundations workout the second time and had a huge improvement after only four classes, I was sold. I felt so proud of myself and knew I would only continue to improve if I stuck with it!
Q: What are you working on now?
A: Shoulder and arm strength and mobility. I’ve hit a few early goals already, and next up is a strict push-up. Oh, and nutrition. Always nutrition!
Q: What’s your favorite Locomotion Memory?
A: There are already so many! I’d say every time someone has cheered me on when I just wanted to stop or slow down. The community at Loco is so amazing- supportive, encouraging, and welcoming. I would never push myself as much as I do when everyone is cheering me on! As someone who was a non-athletic nerd as a kid (and, let’s be honest, still as an adult!) getting support from the amazing athletes at Loco is indescribable. My self-confidence has truly improved in only 2.5 months here. I can’t wait to see what memories the next months and years bring!
                 Her 1st WOD – in the books!
Thanks for sharing YOUR story Jen – see you soon!!

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