Client Story – Jesse

Jesse is a kind person, a great friend, a savvy investor and a consistent athlete.  He is driven, motivated and a lot of fun to hang out with.  He’s also Locomotion’s November member of the month!  We asked Jesse a few questions about his CrossFit Journey:

What made you walk in to a CrossFit gym?

I initially looked into CrossFit because I was tired of trying to do my own thing in the gym.  I had vague ideas of what I was suppose to be doing, but ultimately I repeated a lot of the same things with no real reason or plan.  The idea that I could just show up, turn off my brain, and get coached was really appealing.

Once in the door, what was your first impression?

First impressions weren’t too different from when I accidentally saw a 7th grade Geometry text book in 6th grade.  I saw a lot of people moving weight around, doing swinging pull-ups that looked impossible, and it just overall looked intense.  After going through a Foundations session, everything started to fall into place.  I immediately went into the very stereotypical honeymoon phase where I found it hard not to talk to anybody that would listen about CrossFit.  The initial thing that brought me to CrossFit, coaching, guidance, a plan, couldn’t be delivering anymore than it is now.

I recognize my time is limited and I can’t be an expert in everything, so this is a perfect way to learn and stay in shape.  Working out has gone from a chore that hung over my head, to what I look forward to most in the day.  I love doing movements and lifts I’ve never done before, and getting stronger and faster.  The other benefit is a social one.  I’m a social person by nature and the gym is full of people I call friends.   The more classes I attend the more time I get to have with my friends!

What’s a Bright Spot you’ve had in the gym?

My favorite bright spot was my first muscle up.  I had other firsts in the gym before this, but I put in a solid 6 months of strength development and technique work to achieve my goal.  Getting that first one was no joke – one of the things in my life I had to work hardest for, but also one of the most rewarding.

What are your current goals?

My goals in a lot of ways have changed.  I used to be very focused on lifting more and going faster.  I’ve realized lately that I’m much more interested in feeling healthy and living well for the long term.  Therefore I’m working on perfect form with less weight, and staying mobile and limber.

What is your favorite Locomotion Fitness Memory?

Favorite memory so far is finally getting my girlfriend to give it a shot.  She loved it, so we get to go together now which has been really awesome.

Thanks Jesse!  Are you interested in becoming one of Jesse’s friends in the gym?  Book a No Sweat Intro below to get started!



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