Client Story – Suzy S.

Congratulations to our first Member of the Month of 2019 – Ms. January – Suzy Spell!

Suzy is a busy Mom of a teenage girl, who she is constantly doing fun things with and for. She works a couple of jobs that she really pours her heart and sweet spirit into fully. She has come so far since joining Locomotion back in May and she has really bought in to the process, trusting us completely with her nutrition and fitness needs for a long, active, healthy life!! We’re really proud to have her in our gym and our community.

We managed to catch up with this social butterfly to hear her story in her own words. Enjoy!

ossFit in the first place?

A: My daughter was coming home telling me about the small group workouts she and her friends had been going to with Coach Christy and I was intrigued.  So in May 2018, I decided to sign myself up for my birthday gift to myself.  I met Coach Jay and he got me enrolled in Foundations.  After meeting Coach Jamo, I was amazed at my own potential that the right trainer is able to bring out! …and of course who doesn’t love Jamo?!  …the man can do anything and he can make you believe that you can do it too.  Most of my Personal Bests occur in his classes.

Q: What was your first impression? How has that changed?

A: From Day one I felt like part of the #LocoFam.  Since May, I have met some of the coolest people ever at this gym!  I never thought I would find going to the gym fun.  My friends don’t get it.  Ha!  Locomotion Fitness is so much more than a gym.  It’s a special place where you can always find encouragement and camaraderie.  I don’t know everyone yet, but the people I do know are amazing humans who work hard and play just as hard.  Workouts are fun (yes, even the hard ones) because of the fist bumps and encouragement that everyone gives each other.    And I miss it when life gets busy and I don’t show up!

Q: What was your first “Bright Spot”?

A:  My first bright spot was my back squat Personal Record of 60lbs.  I had never ever imagined I could ever squat much less with a loaded barbell!  That blew my mind and made me realize that I could really do CrossFit.  Forget the naysayers, I was doing it.

Q: What are you working on now?

A:   Over the holidays, I injured my back outside of the gym and it’s caused me to stay away from the gym for a bit due to fear of making the injury worse while it’s healing. I am also under Chiropractic Care and he hasn’t released me yet.  Luckily, Yoga Teacher Beth came to my rescue with her purple yoga strap and her recommended stretches that I have been doing for a few weeks.   This is just another why Locomotion is a special place.  The coaches all care for us as individuals and want us to succeed.  There is a personal element here that I have never experienced anywhere else.  That’s rare y’all and it gives me the warm fuzzies!!  I even received a get well card from Emma and Jay when I was out with the flu.  Like I said – Amazing Humans!

Although I am happy with my results, I know most of it is due to Coach Christy and Locomotion’s Nutrition Program.  Wow!  What a lifestyle change.  I am eating more veggies than I have ever in my life and the best part is that I have developed a new passion…I love to cook!  My family and friends have no idea who this person is.  I was the one who brought the wine to parties while everyone else brought their favorite dish.  Not anymore!  Now I bring both!   I asked for pots and pans for Christmas and veggie recipes are my favorite to re-create so feel free to share.

I do have a few new goals for 2019. I would really like to get my first box jump.  I love watching the videos of others getting them either for the first time or a very high Personal Record.  I root them on the whole time and  yes, I may be a little jelly but just Wow!  Definitely something to strive for in 2019…bad knees be damned.  A pull up would also be super duper.  However, these goals will not happen if I don’t show up – so my biggest goal will be to get to the gym more in 2019!

Q: What’s your favorite Locomotion Memory?

A:  I have so many favorite memories from Jamo noticing my squat getting much lower and recording it for me to see to me running my first mile at 6am to doing my first headstand!  I also enjoyed dinner out at Momo’s with the gym family and I have to say it was a lot of fun at Joseph’s self defense classes!  I pinned down my best friend Becky a few times that day and she was surprised at how strong I had become.  That was priceless!

          Becky & Suzy at Women’s Day 2018

Thanks so much Suzy – see you in the gym soon!


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