Client Story – Thomas S.

Congratulations to our April Member of the Month, Thomas Sheppard!

Thomas lives in Park Circle and works busy days running around for Strock Design & Remodel. He has been with us since the very beginning of Locomotion.  He’s come further than he thought he could, just like we knew he would – because he never gives up, and pushes his limits all the time.                                                                  Read all about his journey, in his own words, below! 

Q. What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

A: “Honestly No clue.   A temporary lapse in judgement?   It was last April….I had been working with a Personal Trainer twice a week in West Ashley, and had joined another local gym which was just unfulfilling for me and I simply wasn’t feeling it.  I was on Facebook one night and saw a post in the Park Circle Chatter Group about a new gym opening up – it was Jay talking about his plans and inviting the neighborhood to join him.  Something about that Facebook post really stuck in my head and I decided to message Jay…he had his appendix removed the next day but we still set up a time to meet.   He came into the office and I never felt so fully comfortable talking to someone about all of my issues.The gym was far from open so I started training in his backyard.  I remember one day he made me run and I swore I would never go back…but I did.”

Q: What was your first impression? How has that changed? 

A: “Truthfully,  It scared the hell out of me.  I’m not the most comfortable person around strangers. I was about to quit when Jay told me that our normal training times weren’t available anymore because of the gym opening…and no way in the world was I going to work out with total strangers.

How has that changed?   Wow.  The first time my impression changed was a day that it was only Coach Jay and one of the gym’s top athletes there for the workout and it was some Wall Ball Hell…I was as intimidated as possible but when that impressive athlete finished and I was still going, he was right there telling me I could do it.”

Q: What was your first “Bright Spot”? 

A: My first big Bright Spot was doing group classes. I had told Jay I would NEVER workout with other people and now I’m there about three times a week. Another stand-out Bright Spot was just realizing that everyone wasn’t judging me…and most were also worried about being judged, or were just as supportive as the coaches…see above…there really are so many other examples I could go on and on”

Q: What are you working on now? 

A:  “Being able to run. It’s not something I am good at, currently.  And my consistency. Getting to the gym on a very regular basis can be challenging with work and life!”

Q: What’s your favorite Locomotion Memory?

A:  “So Many.  The first time I didn’t have to scale a workout. The first time I felt I was going to die during a workout and Cassandra and some others came over and told me I did a good job afterwards. The time I decided Jay needed some lifting up so I had a little surprise party at the house for his birthday. That was great, seeing all these people in a regular situation it actually made it real for me.  That was a huge step as an anti-social person to have mostly total strangers around and enjoy myself!”  The time I did The Open.  I don’t know why but the Open really changed things for me.  Seeing everyone being there for one another.  It’s not a gym like any other.”

All that awesome wore me out – thanks Thomas!!  See you around the gym!





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