Congratulations to Marcus Cripps, our April member of the month!!

Marcus is a vital member of the Loco tribe and has been for a long time – this award is WAY overdue! He is deeply involved in the community, not to mention his artwork has contributed significantly to our identity. He has designed things like the Loco Open team logos, winning team banners, and his artwork can even be seen on the outside billboard! Marcus is an active and committed member and you can generally catch him in the evening CrossFit classes. He is definitely one of Loco’s firebreathers, which means he certainly likes to PUSH and loves to learn new things. Outside of Loco, he’s always down to try new things and gets super involved with community competitions, races, and activities. His contributions and willingness to help the Loco staff has not gone unrecognized – we are thankful for you, Marcus! So thankful!

A little bit more about Marcus in his own words :

1. How long have you been a member at Loco?

I’ve been a member since September 2020!

2. What is your favorite thing about being a Loco athlete?

 I love the community, the atmosphere and the coaches. Makes me happy to represent Loco anytime I go out. 

3. What group fitness offerings do you typically participate in at Loco? Do you have a favorite? Discuss.

The primary class that I participate in is 5:30 pm or 6:45 pm CrossFit. Shoutout to that crew! I also highly enjoy taking any yoga class I can when I have time. It’s such a perfect combo for me.

4. How would you describe the community at Loco?

The community here is unlike any other I’ve seen. Everyone is so encouraging, uplifting and inspiring. We all have each others backs during good times and bad. It’s an amazing place to be!

5. What advice do you have for someone who is intimidated by group fitness?

My advice for someone intimidated by group fitness is, the moment you get on the floor and the clock counts down, at 3,2,1 Go, everyone is sharing the same experience. Whether it’s scaled, RX, foundations, we are all experiencing this workout together. Pushing through it, cheering each other on and when it’s all said and done as a group, as a community, we got through it together and come out stronger!

6. Favorite music to sweat to?

I love listening to a lot of Punk Rock, Metal and Katie just turned me on to EDM, so that too. ha

This might make a lot of people hate me but I can’t stand when Eminem comes on during a work out. Sorry y’all! 

7. Favorite movement/workout?

My favorite movement which is a love hate relationship are Snatches! So technical but so fun. My favorite workout currently is Murph. It’s a combination of a lot of movements I really enjoy doing. 

8. Is there a member of the LocoFam that inspires and motivates you to be better? Feel free to give them a shoutout! 

Celeste O’Keefe! My partner in crime at Loco. Always trying to push each other and take our fitness to the next level.

9. Favorite post-workout meal?

My favorite post workout meal is a Pokébowl!

10. What fitness-related goals do you have for 2023?

Goals for this year are to eat better, get stronger, do more yoga and become more knowledgeable about Crossfit and nutrition.

11. Describe your athletic abilities in five words or less.

Endurance, Agility, Coordination, Strength, and Mobility.

12. Give us your background story – Try to be brief (you can talk about anything from education to career, to pets, to family, to hobbies, etc).

Growing up, I loved to draw and skateboard. Those were the only two things I did for YEARS. When I joined the Marine Corps, I stopped skating and started drawing a lot more. That opened the door to doing murals and logos for different bases and units in the Marine Corps. Which one of those jobs brought me to a boxing club, where I eventually learned how to box and compete at an amateur level. Once I left the Marines, I moved to Charleston to pursue my career in art/graphic design. Years later, I found myself painting HUGE letters on what was to become Locomotion Fitness and the rest is history. 


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