CrossFit’s “New” Mission

CrossFit Inc. has released some pretty ground breaking news in the last couple of days. The structure of the CrossFit Games season is changing A LOT. The qualification process is being changed, the Regionals are being dropped, and so is The Invitational.

What does this change for the average CrossFitter? Absolutely nothing. And that’s the point.

There are currently more CrossFit Affiliates in the USA than there are Starbucks. If CrossFit were a restaurant chain, it would be the sixth largest in the world- bigger than Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Baskin Robbins. There are 15,000 affiliates worldwide, and HQ has stated their new mission is to get to 150,000.

The core mission is to change global health.

For years now CrossFit HQ has been taking on ‘big soda’, specifically Coca-Cola. They have been challenging The ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) and now the CrossFit Health movement aims to “investigate the ills of modern medicine and the wilful abuse of the public’s trust in science.” They’re working directly with forward-thinking doctors and health professionals from all over the world.

CrossFit is not just a way of working out. It’s been disrupting the fitness industry in a positive way for years, and now it’s aiming to go even deeper. Lives have been changed all over the world and now the aim is to go bigger- even at the expense of their own marquee event.

I love the CrossFit Games probably more than just about anyone- but I think this is a great move for CrossFit as a global brand.

The Games are cool, but the magic happens inside the walls of the affiliates.


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