December Member of the Month!

Congratulations to Garin Viloria, our December Member of the Month!

Garin has been a member of Locomotion since late September 2021. We think it’s pretty safe to say that anyone who knows him would agree he is one of the most caring individuals on the planet and we are so lucky to have him as part of our community. Garin is always looking for ways to improve his health, wellness, and mindset. He takes the time to ask all the right questions about anything from fitness and nutrition to mindfulness, puts in the effort and dedication during classes, and constantly recognizes where he’d like to continue learning and building his strength/knowledge.

You can also catch him regularly Salsa dancing or making mean margaritas (trust us!). It has been an absolute pleasure to witness his positive attitude and hard work over the last year. Congratulations and well-deserved, Garin!

Here’s more about Garin:

1. How long have you been a member at Loco?

I have been at Loco more than a year.

2. What is your favorite thing about being a Loco athlete?

There is a valuable knowledge about nutrition, exercises, different workout styles, to meet nice people, it is a place where I can improve my skills.

3. What group fitness offerings do you typically participate in at Loco? Do you have a favorite? Discuss.

Definitely CrossFit group is extremely challenging and what I typically participate in. Curiously my favorite group fitness offering is Yoga, specifically Yoga Rest & Recovery with Jess Johnson. But CrossFit classes with Katie are amazing.

4. How would you describe the community at Loco?

What I can see is all sort of different people, different cultures, different jobs, very well educated and nice people. There is no judgement, all the time they are helping and encouraging you, and at the end everybody celebrates other people’s workout.

5. What advice do you have for someone who is intimidated by group fitness?

I feel fear all the time, then, I know what is to have fear or to feel intimidation. To feel yourself intimidated is ok, to have fear is ok, maybe the problem is when the fear is driving your car. Then what can you do? You can read about processes, you can read about how can you overcome fear, and you should take that fear and put it in a copilot seat, then you can drive your own car understanding that fear is next to you, is with you but the fear is not driving your car. Whatever you want to do is not going to be easy, then do it, even with fear but do it.

6. Favorite music to sweat to?

Once someone played rock and roll with Guns and Roses, that was awesome.

7. Favorite movement/workout?

Back squat, deadlift, every single strength part at CrossFit classes.

8. Is there a member of the LocoFam that inspires and motivates you to be better? Feel free to give them a shoutout! 

Yes, indeed. Bob is incredible, Marcus is one of the strongest that I’ve ever known, Patrick Simmons, Matt, Courtney Mininno, Michael (coach), Katie (coach), I mean, they are amazing athletes.

9. Favorite post-workout meal?

Ceviche and sweet potatoes.

10. What fitness-related goals do you have for 2022?

Gain muscle.

11. Describe your athletic abilities in five words or less.

Good listener, good student.

12. Give us your background story – Try to be brief (you can talk about anything from education to career, to pets, to family, to hobbies, etc).

I have been in the US for 4 years, a year and a half I decided to improve my life style changing my diet, adding some physical exercises and practicing mindfulness, I am working in Beverage & Food Industry, and after COVID season I started to take salsa classes at Holy City Salsa, which is one of the most important things in my life right now. I have been learning English as a second language and it is an amazing and tough process.


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