Don’t Set Your Heart On So Many Things

“When children stick their hand down a narrow goody jar they can’t get their full fist out and start crying. Drop a few treats and you will get it out! Curb your desire – don’t set your heart on so many things and you will get what you need.” -Epictetus, Discourses, 3.9.22

‘We can have it all’ is a mantra of our modern lives.
We want work, family, purpose, success, leisure time.
We want it all and, dammit, we want it now.
We want to lose body fat, gain lean muscle, eat what we want and do as little as work as possible to do it.
We want it all and, dammit, we want it now.
We want to do the WOD as prescribed, unbroken and crush it like the Games athletes.
We want it all and, dammit, we want it now.
We want to get pull-ups, our lifts up, handstands and to be overall better and running to feel less awkward. We want to move like those PROFESSIONS on the screens of our devices. We want to be indifferent to BURPEES.
We want it all and, dammit, we want it now.
Alas, we cannot
Don’t go about your journey alone. Take it from one that traveled that road alone. Don’t try to figure it all out. Just keep showing up and learn to prioritize your tasks.
For if something is causing you suffering….you probably skipped quite a few steps.
Nothing is as simple as it seems and behind your obstacles are….more obstacles. So slow it down, eh? If it’s never ending why not SLOW DOWN and do what is necessary?
It’s not so bad going back to the beginning and relearning EVERYTHING. I find it much more enjoyable. Sure my ego was bruised but WTF does that thing know. It just THINKS it knows everything.
Thoughts are not facts.
I read that in a book. It blew my mind. I hope it helps you too.
So when I ask, what are you looking at when you move? I’m asking if you understand, in this moment, where is your focus and is it consistent?
When I’m asking you to focus on a thing. It’s because I really care about your wellbeing and understand all too well the temptation to chase rabbits.
Isn’t it wiser to be like our ancestors and set bait and traps? Or do you truly believe they just tackled things head on?
So get in the habit of cultivating patience, taking ownership of your life and staying accountable by simply showing up, doing the work and staying vigilant with your ego.
Television is a disillusionment. What habits are actually sources of your suffering? The devil truly is in the details.
Get to work!

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