Fitness Assessment (And The Five Factors of Health)

A Fresh Start


Maybe last year your idea of fitness was ‘fittin’ this’ whole doughnut in your mouth.  Luckily for us, the New Year brings a fresh start.  But what exactly is THE thing we should start doing?  The best way to find out is completing our 2020 Fitness Assessment.  You can download the guide for free (we don’t even ask for your email) at the end of this post!

Our Fitness Assessment digs deeper into each of the five factors of health and takes stock of where we are currently so we can make a reasonable plan on the best way to move forward.  Fresh starts are also an opportunity to begin the work of letting go of habits that no longer serve us and creating new ones that will move us towards the vision we have of our fittest selves.



The Five Factors of Health


We believe EVERYONE should know how to get fit and stay healthy.  But what is ‘health’ exactly?  Are you healthy if you can run a mile?  Or maybe it’s when you can bench press 300 pounds?  Perhaps we’ll take it back to the presidential fitness test and call you healthy if we can sit and reach past our toes (remember that test)?!

At Locomotion we believe health is MUCH more than just working out and we focus on what we call the 5 factors of health.  Our number one goal is to turn you into a kickass 90 year old, and that means focusing on five key areas.

We’ve included a video in this post that talks about each of these five factors a little more in depth.  Read the quick descriptions and if you’d like to hear more be sure to check out the video.


1.  Nutrition

Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants. Eliminate refined carbohydrates processed foods and sugar.

Our modern American diets are carb and sugar filled. Combined with our sedentary lifestyles, as a nation – we are heavier and unhealthier than ever. Trendy diets may give us the satisfaction of losing weight quickly, but they don’t fix our bad habits and food addictions or help us maintain those results for the long haul.


2.  Sleep

Arguably the most important influence on our health is the amount of sleep we get.  Less than 7 hours a night increases risk of cancer, early death, dementia and cognitive decline, and other chronic diseases.  Busy is not an excuse. It might make it harder to prioritize time in our day for sleep, but it doesn’t make it impossible.


3.  Fitness

The best form of exercise is the kind you can be consistent with. Many of us have experimented with fitness regimes that we have not been able to maintain for any period of time. Don’t give up! Any “failure” to follow through is really just information about what does and doesn’t work for you.


4.  Mindset

A healthy mindset is one that is growth oriented ( read Carol Dweck’s book Mindset). It is one that is able to focus on the things you have control over.  A healthy mindset is one where you are aware of your thoughts and feelings, rather than be blindly controlled by them in day to day life.


5.  Relationships

Humans are social creatures. No matter how independent or introverted you are, you still need actual human connection. This doesn’t just mean having people you spend time with, it means having people you spend time with you make you feel seen, heard, and supported.




2020 Fitness Assessment


Paying attention to the 5 factors of health and working on the skills we have given you in the 2020 Fitness Assessment will help you create a life that is happy and healthy.  Get your assessment for free (We don’t even ask for your email!) by clicking below:


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Remember, there is no end point and there is always room for growth in these areas.  Even when you have made major improvements or changes, then there is the work of maintaining them.

Being a healthier human being requires you to learn to “love the process” of growth, change, learning.  This year, I challenge you to commit yourself to the journey. Small steps and efforts on the daily lead to  big changes. Just don’t give up!


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