Haven’t seen the weight loss, muscle gain, or transformation you were looking for and need something different?


Been on and off of the wellness wheel and frustrated with a lack of progress?

Are you new to physical fitness and looking for a program that will help you change your life?


Tired of some cookie cutter program where you are just a number?

Do you want to tone up, gain strength, and get results while having fun?

We offer 4 different fitness programs because one size DOES NOT fit all!  Based on your goals and preferences we’ll find which is the perfect option for you:

  1. Personal Training
  2. CrossFit
  3. Boot Camp
  4. Yoga

No matter what program we choose, classes are different every single day and are designed to shape your body while challenging you at your fitness level.

Don’t be nervous, EVERYONE starts with a one on one meeting to help you figure out the best program for you.  

All you have to do is show up and your coach will guide you every step of the way. They will modify any movements you can’t do, while teaching you how to progress towards your individual goals. 

Schedule your one on one meeting HERE . It is a Free Intro where we will help you figure out the best path for you!

It is time to feel confident and happy and we know how to help you get there!

Locomotion Fitness is unlike any gym I have ever been to …and believe me, I have been to plenty! The care and attention given to each and every member is amazing. The owners and staff truly care about your success, you’re never just a number. I love my gym family!


Locomotion is my first introduction to structured fitness and nutrition programming. The knowledge and experience the coaches bring is top-notch, and the community has been extremely beneficial to my overall physical and mental health. The gym is one big family, and everyone is so encouraging and helpful. I can’t recommend Loco enough!!


Super friendly and knowledgeable! Owners Jay and Emma (and Grace!) were there during my informational/introductory visit, and I couldn’t have felt more welcomed from the beginning. Since becoming a member just a couple of months ago, I’ve felt like part of a supportive community. The members are all friendly and inclusive, and really do encourage each other. Highly recommend all the exciting things at Locomotion.


How do you know Locomotion Fitness is for you?

(If just one of the following fits you, then Locomotion IS for YOU)


If you want to be healthier


If you want to live longer and be mobile later in life


If you want to have fun working out


If you want to be in a supportive group


If you want to tone up, get stronger or lose weight


If you want to train for a specific event